#ELGL19 Innovation Summit Follow-Up Items

Posted on May 24, 2019

Innovation Summit

The below post was also sent as an email to Innovation Summit attendees but all of these opportunities are also available to all ELGL members – we welcome your participation and want you to sign up to participate!

Thank you for attending the #ELGL19 Innovation Summit! As promised, here are some follow-up opportunities from the discussions last week.


We’ll have reports from the three working groups that we’ll share with you during the month of June. We’ll post these on ELGL.org for maximum visibility and we will also send you an email copy so you can review what was discussed and the action items from each group.

Get Involved

Please take a minute to sign up and contribute to this different ways we’ll continue our work from the Summit throughout the year. We’ve included below seven ways for you to stay involved with this work, and we’ll send you periodic updates throughout the year – as a reminder, our work in Durham was just the beginning and we’re continuing through #ELGL20 on May 13-15, 2020 in Portland, Oregon!


Tell your local government innovation story. Follow the writing prompts in the sign-up, or write from your own perspective to share your knowledge and experiences. We’ll run a post a week to continue learning from each other.
Sign up!


Have a success story to share? Experiences to learn from? Work with ELGL to present in a one-hour webinar that will be presented live, and also recorded and shared for continued learning. We’ll manage the technology; you prepare a one-hour presentation to share via webinar.
Sign up!


We’ve started an Innovation Wiki to tackle the concepts of “shared vocabulary” and more to come. Stop by and add a definition (or two) to kickstart this conversation and tool. In the coming weeks we’ll also build out sections on project sharing and experience connections, and we’ll ping you when these options are ready for your input.


Did you know ELGL has a Vendor Directory? You can share the vendors you’ve worked with and also your experiences working with them in this easy-to-use tool designed to take the guesswork out of finding experienced professionals to partner with.


On the second Tuesday of each month, Ben Kittelson will host #ELGLInnovation Twitter conversations at noon EDT (9 PDT). Mark your calendars and log on to Twitter to follow along and respond using the hashtag. We’ll share the topic and some general questions in advance of each month’s conversation so you can prepare and share what you know. Here’s the link to the first recurring chat:
Tweet & chat!


We’re looking for great people to inspire and coach the “Small Places, Big Ideas” Innovation Cohort this year! In this role, you’ll share your perspectives and experiences with the cohort of smaller communities that have joined together to tackle innovation projects. This role will largely take place online, with email, calls, and check-ins. By signing up, you’re signing on to be a helpful support network for the Innovation Cohort.


Other projects we’re working on from our Innovation Summit discussions: an “Innovation Starter Kit” to help local governments get innovation programs off the ground; a directory of the job titles and descriptions of people working in the innovation space; mentor matching; failures database, and more! You’ll be the first to know as we roll out these programs and discussions.

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