ELGL19 Session: Building Capacity in Data & Performance

Posted on January 30, 2019

Building Data Capacity

Time: 10:20 am Friday, May 17

Location: Foster Street Hallway, Room #2 

Breakout: Building Capacity in Data & Performance

So you developed a strategic plan, you gathered the data, you developed performance measures, and even created visually appealing dashboards. Now what? Come to this session to learn how three organizations are helping to build capacity from within and encourage everyone to make data part of their job. With the goal of taking their organization to the next step in making data-driven decisions. What does making a data-driven decision really entail and what are the skills required to getting there? This and so much more will be answered at the Building Capacity in Data and Performance session.


Kaci Grant Anise Vance
Kaci Grant
Talent & Organizational
Effectiveness Manager
Louisville, KY
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Anise Vance
Open Data Program Manager
Durham, NC

Track: Strategy & Performance

In this track you will be exposed to communities implementing strategy and performance tools, concepts, and approaches. Learn how communities are identifying and developing the strategies and priorities they must meet in order to deliver outstanding services today but prepare and plan for the challenges the lay ahead. Learn about the tools communities are using to utilize performance and data that are helping them implement and evolve their strategic priorities. Furthermore, learn how fellow local governments develop and build capacity to support the change management that comes along with a strategy and performance culture change.

Study Up for the Session:

LouieStat  Website

Louisville Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation

Durham Open Data

TEDxDartmouth 2011- Anise Vance

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