ELGL19 Session: Innovation by Partnership – Civic Tech & Local Government

Posted on January 21, 2019

Innovation by Partnership

Time: 2:00 pm Thursday, May 16

Location: Morris Street Hallway, Room #2

Breakout: Innovation by Partnership – Civic Tech & Local Government

Create public-private partnerships between your city and local startup community. Civic tech and local government have come together to introduce new ideas in both the City of Pittsburgh, PA and the Town of Cary, NC. Both organizations have found innovative ways to provide access for their local startups to test innovative solutions in government and encourage employees to experiment with new technologies. These partnerships have resulted in testing robot trashcans, implementing language access trainings for city employees, and monitoring everything from parking to building energy use. These cities have managed to create long-lasting partnerships with their local startup communities. Learn how your organization can implement similar initiatives to test out civic technology without emptying your wallet.


Annia Aleman Terry Yates
Annia Aleman
Sr. Civic Innovation Specialist
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
LinkedIn & Twitter
Terry Yates
Smart City Program Manager
Cary, North Carolina
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Track: Innovation & Process Improvement

What does innovation in government really look like? Is it the latest and greatest technology solution? Is it blockchain? No, it’s about staying relevant, adapting, evolving, solving complex problems and making communities better for the people we serve. In this track you will learn from organizations across the country that are taking new approaches to local government services. From Syracuse to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, there are great lessons to be learned and ideas to be shared.

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