ELGL19 Session: Starting an Equity & Inclusion Program

Posted on January 23, 2019

Equity and Inclusion

Time: 10:20 am Friday, May 17

Location: Foster Street Hallway, Room #1 

Breakout: Starting an Equity & Inclusion Program – Definitions, Tactics and Best Practices 

The trend in high performing organizations is to operationalize and prioritize equity and inclusion on an enterprise level.  But what does that mean and how does it get done?  Attendees in this session will have the fortune of hearing from three leaders in this emerging work.  We will focus on important definitions, such as how equity and inclusion efforts differ from “diversity” efforts.  And the panelists will share the circumstances that led to their municipalities undertaking this work as well as structures and practices they set up to build out their equity and inclusion efforts.


Kimberlee Archie Phin Xaypangna Sharon Williams
Kimberlee Archie
Director, Office of Equity & Inclusion
Asheville, NC
Phin Xaypangna
Equity & Inclusion Manager
Mecklenburg County, NC
Sharon Williams
Manager, Onboarding &
Professional Development Manager
Durham, NC

Track: Equity & Economic Inclusion

Across the country our communities have people that have been left behind or not included in the success or opportunity of our cities. More and more governments are working to right these wrongs. From helping formerly incarcerated residents transition back to the workforce to ensuring long time residents have the same access to resources that newcomers get, equity and inclusion is at the heart of solving these problems. Learn from communities that are working in this space and from organizations that have ideas worth stealing.

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