#ELGL20 Registration Now Open

Posted on August 3, 2020

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Registration for #ELGL20 Local Gov Oktoberfest is now open!

Register for #ELGL20 online today!

With the delay of #ELGL20 from May to October, and then the move to a virtual conferencing experience, we knew we didn’t want to just take our regular conference and broadcast it on Zoom. We knew we need to change up the way we share local government learning and connecting into a format that works for our busy members.

And so, #ELGL20 lasts the full month of October. Local Gov Oktoberfest celebrates local government service and gives you meaningful and important content and connection opportunities in bite-sized pieces spread over multiple weeks.

Tracks are $60 each; attend all three for $150!

Summits are $80 each; attend all Tracks and all Summits for $300!

Early registrants will be mailed #ELGL20 Local Gov Oktoberfest swag boxes full of ELGL goodies, socks, stickers, and more.

Here’s how it works:

Equity & Anti-Racism, Efficiency, and Happiness Tracks

The conference is broken into three tracks and you can pick and choose which tracks you want to attend. Each track includes four one-hour sessions and costs $60. You can purchase all three tracks for $150 (saving $30).

Creative Placemaking, Innovation & Strategy Summits

We’re also offering two “deep dives” into important topics and you can also pick and choose which summits you want to attend. Each summit includes four two-hour sessions and costs $80. You can bundle together all tracks and all summits for $300 (saving $40).


We’ll start off each week with “Gemütlichkeit,” a German-language word used to convey the idea of a state or feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer. Other qualities encompassed by the term include coziness, peace of mind, and a sense of belonging and well-being springing from social acceptance. These sessions will inspire you for the week ahead, and are included free with your registration.


We’ll also host free roundtables for conversations about the topics we’re covering at #ELGL20. You can drop in with a cup of coffee (in your new ELGL tumbler?) or lunch to chat and learn informally with other #ELGL20 attendees.


For every track and summit you register for, we’ll send you more swag. Sign up for everything and you’ll get a swag box mailed to you that will make your Oktoberfest merry! Swag includes stickers, badges, computer camera covers, coffee tumblers, and of course – socks.


For every track and summit you attend, we’ll recognize your commitment to local government learning with a badge on LinkedIn and recognition on ELGL.org and our social media pages. You can share on your professional profile that you’ve spent the time and effort to grow your local government learning.

Online Platform

We’ve invested in an online platform that isn’t a jumble of Zoom links. When you register, you’ll have a chance to develop your profile and connect with attendees. The calendar of your sessions and summits will be clearly available to you so you can plan ahead and block your calendar time.


If you miss a live session, we’ll record everything and it will be available on-demand with your registration. If you don’t register for something and you want to watch it later, that’s ok too – we’ll have single session recordings available for purchase.

Registration now open!

We look forward to celebrating #ELGL20: Local Gov Oktoberfest with you!

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