#ELGLInspire: University of Oregon

Posted on August 1, 2018

#ELGLInspire: University of Oregon

September 28, 2018

Oregon Student Union, Noon – 3:30 p.m. – Lunch provided

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This unique program inspires undergraduate students to pursue local government careers.
ELGL is a professional association that engages the brightest minds in local government.
This event is held on the University of Oregon campus. Lunch is included. Speakers will include local government professionals from Oregon local governments. Students will have ample time to learn from practioners, connect with them about future potential internships and jobs, and learn more about finding a local government job after graduation.
Registration is required, and is free for students.
Noon – Arrive, Lunch Served
12:15 – Welcome
Today’s #ELGLInspire program and lunch provided by: GFOA, League of Oregon Cities, Oregon City/County Managers Association, & Special District Association of Oregon
12:30 – Quick Fire Presentations
These short, four-minute presentations by local government practitioners provide an overview of the many different career paths offered in local government. Speakers will use stories and visual aids to share what makes their field of expertise unique and exciting:

1:30 – Campfire Conversations
Students will chose a table to go to where they will learn from the practitioners in a small group setting. After 10 minutes, students will rotate to a new table. This will be done four times so that every student gets a chance to sit with five practitioners to ask questions and hear from them about their path into local government and how they realized it was the career for them.

  • Notes for students: You will hear from five different local government practitioners, try to pick out who you want to hear from ahead of time but select some backups in case the table is full for your first choice. In advance of the event, connect with the practioners on LinkedIn so you have a chance to read more about their career and education backgrounds.
  • Notes for speakers: Start with your major and career path into local government, including what made you realize this was the career for you. Then take questions from the students. This will be a little repetitive but we want to create opportunities for the students to form meaningful connections with practioners. Feel free to bring materials from your HR offices about internships, fellowships, and employment opportunities.

2:30 – What’s Next? Pursuing a Public Sector Career
This Q&A panel will explore how to find a local government job, or the graduate degree paths you can pursue. The first half will focus on moderated questions and answers, and the second half will open up for audience questions.

3:30 – Close & Networking

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