#ELGLKnope: Simsbury, CT vs. Virginia Beach, VA

Posted on March 3, 2021

It’s time to vote in the #ELGLKnope Round of 32! Read about this matchup, and then submit your vote! One vote per email address, please. We’ll tally the votes and will post the next round of matchups on Tuesday!

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Town of Simsbury Water Pollution Control Facility

36 Drake Hill Road, Connecticut 06070

  • Three words to describe Town of Simsbury Water Pollution Control Facility: Efficient, Conscience, Dependable
  • Why are you nominating Town of Simsbury Water Pollution Control Facility: The Town of Simsbury Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) staff strive to ensure that the facility provides peak performance in an energy efficient manner to ensure the highest quality effluent is provided
  • Anything else to share? Over the past several years, the staff at the Simsbury WPCF have been initiating energy efficient upgrades and process changes to lower the electrical costs of the facility while continuing to provide a high quality effluent to the Farmington River.  These upgrades and process changes have provided the division with over $50,000 annual savings on the electrical bill.


Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

717 General Booth Blvd, Virginia 23451

  • Three words to describe Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center: Water’s Our World
  • Why are you nominating Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center: Water is our world and there is no better destination to enjoy it, no better place to learn about it, no better mission to join than the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Home to more than 5,000 animals representing more than 230 different marine species, we are intimately invested in the present health and future sustainability of water. We are aqua avengers, water warriors, and hydro heroes! From the 12-14 million gallons of water processed daily through our state-of-the-art recirculating filtration plants, to the tiniest drops of water being examined under the microscopes in our water quality lab, we keep a keen eye on the quality of water, not only for maintaining impeccable care for the animals, but also the health of the entire Chesapeake Bay region and beyond.

    We are intimately aware of the ramifications of not conserving this resource. Water is vital to the survival of all marine species and the entire planet. The finned, footed, and feathered Aquarium residents act as ambassadors for the millions of other lives on Planet Earth. Naturally, these animals have a vested interest in the conservation of water. But, so do we all.

    The focus and mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to “inspire conservation of the marine environment,” making the conservation of healthy water clearly a top priority. We literally exist to inspire conservation of the precious limited water resources we all share – for a livable now and a sustainable future. Our nationally acclaimed Stranding Response Program works tirelessly to save endangered marine species, shining a light on the sad realities of not placing a high enough value on water. Our Education Team creates hundreds of resources of all kinds for educators, including classroom teachers, homeschooling parents, scout leaders, and more where water conservation is literally the learning objective. We know that to successfully stay on the mission of water conservation, we must reach the next generation of water stewards, conservationists, and superheroes. Whether it’s appealing to our government legislators to ban intentional balloon releases on behalf of at-risk sea turtles or chatting with a guest about how she can take small personal steps like not using straws, our message is laser focused on water.

    The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center facilities are located in three primary buildings along Owls Creek in Virginia Beach, VA. This “salt creek” serves as a primary source for brackish and seawater supplies, but we also use domestic tap water for our human needs and when further processed, for onsite use in the aquariums. We dechlorinate domestic water and process it for general aquarium use, deionize water for specialized needs, and when necessary, augment the creek water. No less than 6 types of water are used onsite daily – a double watery hat trick for sure!

    We rely on a diverse group of experts and dedicated workers in the field to make this complex operate efficiently and effectively in delivering on our mission. We have sections dedicated to water quality (equal part alchemists and instrumentation pros), life support (focused on system design, maintenance, and operations), and of course our live exhibits (an equivalent mix of life support and department of health for the critters) that strive daily to provide excellence in service to our community and regional visitors. Our combined efforts affect real economic impact for the Chesapeake Bay region and we serve as global leaders in the conservation and sustainability of our aquatic resources.

    So yes, we are an amazing, fun, and educational destination for guests of all ages. We provide opportunities for people to come face to face with amazing animals. We are engaged in species protection programs and important conservation research with similar groups around the world.  But, as our work clearly demonstrates, water is important to us and to our mission. The conservation of water is important to everyone.

    It is with great honor and admiration that we nominate the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center for 2021 #ELGLKnopes Award.
  • Anything else to share? The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums. The Aquarium is also a member of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The Virginia Aquarium’s mission is to inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research and sustainable practices. It is located at 717 General Booth Boulevard, just south of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach.

    The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports the work of the Virginia Aquarium. The Foundation procures and maintains the Aquarium’s exhibits, including the animals and habitats. It is also responsible for annual and capital fundraising, administration and funding for the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program, conservation and scientific research efforts, and the Aquarium’s mission-related education programs.


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