#ELGLKnope: Week Three Nominations

Posted on February 24, 2019

Week three

The number of nominations continues to rise in week three of #ELGLKnope nominations! Here are the Week 3 nominees for your review – do you see your favorite park on this list? Take a minute and submit your nomination today to ensure that your favorite park or open space makes the Round of 32 for the 2019 #ELGLKnope!

Nominate your favorite park or open space today!

Week Three Nominees

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Discover Park

Wheat Ridge, CO – Twitter | Website

  1. Adventure, active, urban

Kerrville River Trail

Kerrville, TX – Twitter | Website

  1. community-connection; community-defining; community-unification

Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Greenway

Grand Forks, ND – Twitter | Website

  1. Inclusive. Year-round. Dynamic.

Elmwood Park

Roanoke, VA – Twitter | Website

  1.  Vibrant, Entertaining, Cultural

Gumbiner Park

City of Long Beach, CA – Twitter | Website

  1. 1) Park Replaced Most Dangerous Intersection; 2) Vibrant Orange Gateway to Downtown; 3) Art-Influenced

Edgewater Park

Cleveland, OH – Twitter | Website

  1. Beach/Lake/Boats

Willow Springs Park & Wetlands

Long Beach, CA – Twitter | Website

  1. 1) Historic Wetland Restoration; 2) Fulfilling 1921 Park Vision; 3) Outdoor Environmental Education

Evergreen Hollow Park

Effingham, IL – Twitter | Website

  1.  Inclusive, Diverse, and Community

Valley Grandview

Grandview, MO – Twitter | Website

  1. Fun, variety, convenience
  2. fun, entertaining, large
  3. Fun, shade, something for everyone

Kids Kingdom in Pecan Grove Park

Rowlett, TX – Twitter | Facebook

  1. Community-built, zip-line, big trees

Harvey Milk Park & Equality Plaza

Long Beach, CA – Twitter | Facebook

  1. 1) LGBTQ+ memorial; 2) First Park in Nation Named After Harvey Milk; 3) Storytelling Through Augmented-reality App

El Dorado Nature Center

Long Beach, CA – Twitter | Website

  1. 1)Oasis of Natural Habitat; 2) Serene Outdoor Trails; 3) Nature Education

Homeland Culture Center at MacArthur Park

Long Beach, CA – Twitter | Website

  1. 1) Teaching cultural traditions; 2) Showcasing art and performance; 3) Multicultural acceptance

Colorado Lagoon

Long Beach, CA – Twitter | Website

  1. 1) Coastal Ecosystem; 2) Grade A Improved Water Quality; 3) Ocean Connection

Chautauqua Park

Boulder, CO- Twitter | Website

  1. Majestic, Timeless, Elegant

Pueblo City Park

Pueblo, CO – Twitter | Website

  1. Something for everyone!

Lorenzi Park

Las Vegas, NV – Twitter | Website

  1. Historic, Beautiful, Lake-front

Amerson River Park

Macon-Bibb County, GA – Twitter | Website

  1. Stunning, Active, Expansive,

East Rock Park

New Haven, CT – Twitter | Website

  1. historic, summit, beautiful


Grandview, MO – Twitter | Website

  1. Walking, picnic, garden
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