Ellie and Jill Are Here to Answer Your Questions (Anonymously)

Posted on February 23, 2016

Among one million other benefits, one great thing about ELGL is the ability to network and share stories with fellow local government professionals. From career advice to idea sharing, ELGL allows its members a wide swath of opportunities to learn, connect and communicate. What’s most encouraging about this organization is that we share a passion for public service and helping people.

But, as we know, life in local government isn’t always easy. Co-worker challenges, bureaucratic red tape, top-down management, unappeasable constituents, difficult elected officials… the list goes on. However, the very rational fear that sharing difficulties or questions about the workplace online or on social media might lead to loss of job security (and rightly so) often prevents us from asking the tough questions. None of us want to be on the hook and forever published on the Internet as a whiner, difficult or unable to manage our work circumstances.

Here is your relief.

ELGL is starting a new series called Answers. In the series, ELGL members can anonymously send their questions, difficulties or scenarios to answers@elgl.org and receive a response from the ghost writing response team: “Ellie” or “Jill” (sound it out: EL = Ellie, GL = Jill). Your name, organization and other details will not be shared in the posting or subsequent response. Additionally, Answers will encourage your colleagues from ELGL to respond in a Reddit-style message board response too. Those who respond can speak generally on the topic and provide additional perspective outside of Ellie or Jill. This will help us all gain perspective and learn from the not-so-glamorous difficulties of our industry.

So, start sending us your questions! No topic is off-limits and your topic will remain anonymous. We can learn from each other’s scenarios at work and silence isn’t helping anyone. We are here to help you find solutions and make your work life easier.

— Ellie and Jill

P.S: Future “Answers” entries will be available to ELGL members only. Join ELGL here – $0/Students, $30/Individuals, $230/Organizations or Businesses.

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