Embrace Debate: What’s your favorite interview question to ask?

Posted on December 18, 2016

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January 4, 2017 – Favorite interview question to ask a job candidate

Over 30 ELGL members have weighed in on this topic.

  • What will your current boss say about you when I call them?
  • Tell me about about 3 people’s careers you helped.
  • Give an example of what you have done to promote diversity, equity, or inclusion in your organization.

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December 28, 2016 – Body Cameras = Pay Raise

As we start to deploy body cameras in the police department,  I would never think to handle opposition to the cameras with a pay raise. I don’t feel giving a pay raise to increase officer accountability or to satisfy a federal or state mandate is the best move. Thoughts….

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Background reading: NYPD Officers Offered More Pay To Wear Body Cameras

December 15, 2016

What started as a simple “Friday Fun Question of the Day” has evolved into a debate about life’s biggest issues.

  • Is Seinfeld funny?
  • The Oxford Comma is mandatory. This isn’t controversial, just the Truth.
  • Leggings ARE pants!
  • I live in Wisconsin and hate cheese and condiments.
  • Pot lucks are lazy.
  • I don’t get Harry Potter.
  • All MLB baseball fields should have identical dimensions, outfield wall heights, etc.
  • It’s pronounced gif, not jif.
  • Keira Knightly rubs me the wrong way…sorry.
  • The pilgrims believed tomatoes are poisonous. Who am I to question the wisdom of the pilgrims?
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