Incorporating the Arts in Local Government Processes

AprApril 22 2020

10:00am - 11:00am

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Artists and local government leaders can work together to bring innovative and creative capacities to achieve civic goals, improve the workings of government, and benefit community residents.  But how can these same arts-based skills and strategies help city staff deal with times of crisis?

Learn from Nicole Crutchfield, Director of Planning and Development from the City of Fargo, ND, and project partner Rachel Asleson from Reach Partners, about the Fargo Project and their work to develop arts-based strategies to address the challenges faced by the city’s stormwater management system. We’ll hear how these efforts came to influence the way they manage projects, and how their experiences are now supporting their department’s approach to the COVID-19 crisis.

What We’ll Touch On:

  • Hear how arts and culture strategies can help develop skills that city staff need to adapt to quickly changing circumstances.

  • Learn how team members can communicate about arts-based strategies and how they can be harnessed as adaptive strategies in changing circumstances.


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