Safety First: Addressing Life Safety Issues with Short-Term Rentals

MarMarch 18 2021

10:00am - 11:00am


This event is hosted by our friends at Granicus

Are short-term rentals, often found on sites like Airbnb and VRBO, regulated in the same way as traditional lodging options in your community? While there may be some exceptions, the answer is likely no. Safety requirements for STRs often vary widely across jurisdictions. With the well-being of both residents and visitors at stake, ensuring STRs are operating safely is critical.

Join our free webinar “Safety First: Addressing Life Safety Issues with Short-Term Rentals” with international vacation rental safety expert Justin Ford and STR policy expert Alex Marqusee. We’ll be diving into vital safety issues that are often overlooked and discussing the resources and technology available to local governments that can help ensure the safety and well-being of your community.

By attending this complimentary webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How local policies can significantly improve the safety of occupants and the community at large
  • Which issues concern STR safety experts and how to address them
  • Changes in the scale, scope, and growth of the short-term rental industry across North America

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Justin Ford is an international vacation rental safety expert and the Director of Safety and Certification programs at Breezeway. An outspoken advocate for life safety in the vacation rental space, Justin has been spreading awareness of STR safety challenges and providing guidance to the property management community since 2013.

Alex Marqusee is a housing policy researcher and entitlement specialist who focuses on improving the regulatory and political environment to help build better places. His policy work has provided government leaders with the economic and political analyses needed to make sound decisions around regulating housing and land use. Recent successes include policy wins during highly charged debates over impact fees, rent control and biannual budgets in the City of Oakland. He is a subject matter expert in short-term rental policy and takes pride in working to effectively communicate economic concepts and data analyses to diverse stakeholders ranging from City Councilmembers to neighborhood associations.

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