Webinar: Generating Growth for Local Businesses – Ideas for Local Governments

JanJanuary 13 2021

9:00am - 10:00am

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Generating Growth for Local Businesses – Ideas for Local Governments

January 13, 2021


Free event, but registration is required

Please join ELGL for a free webinar about how local economic activity impacts the overall economy.

The session will focus on implementing outside-of-the-box techniques to generate growth for local businesses and boost local economies; with an emphasis on specific ways for community members and city officials to measure and project economic growth. 

Governments face an immense challenge when making decisions without economic data, and in this webinar we will explore new ways to use economic data in the decision-making process and measure a city’s economic growth. 

This highly practical webinar will feature economic data from the State of Michigan, as well as applications for local governments nationwide.

Learn about our speakers:

Eric S. Trevan, Ph.D. is a national advocate for entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development, and small and minority-owned businesses. He provides policy and research recommendations on a variant of community, planning, business, entrepreneurial and economic issues. aLocal is used to provide usable economic data analytics that explain the current demand of economic activity, its impacts, and the ability to compare outcomes of multiple scenarios.

Elad Erdan is an urban innovation trailblazer with a passion for cities and social change. Elad has led Colu’s global businesses development efforts since 2019; helping promote small businesses and minorities in Israel and the US. Elad’s experience combines strategy, law and journalism with a strong social impact background. Colu helps stimulate local economies by encouraging and incentivizing residents to shop local. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Colu has been working with cities such as Akron, OH to support struggling small businesses and promote diversity.

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