Exploring Your Passions

Posted on August 21, 2020

Finding your passion

Today’s Morning Buzz is brought to you by Jenn Reichelt, first year middle school teacher and contract employee with The Novak Consulting Group now a part of Raftelis – connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter!

My life took a big turn these past few months. Since my last Morning Buzz, I sold my condo, moved across the country, and changed careers. All of this amid the backdrop of a pandemic.

In May, I decided it was time to be closer to my aging parents, and I started exploring one of my other passions: education. This journey has become an adventure. I moved home to Yuma, Arizona, and I am teaching a middle school Business and Careers class in the same middle school I attended.

I’ve always hated it when I heard people talk about the importance of discovering your passion or honoring your passion. And to be honest, I think working for and in local governments is a passion of mine. I always enjoyed my work and felt like I was making an impact in the communities in which I worked, but I felt like it was time to explore something new.

When I envisioned teaching, it looked a lot different than my reality today. I teach from an empty classroom and talk to my students via Zoom each day. However, it is a tremendous opportunity to provide tweens with important life skills (budgeting!) and help them learn about and explore career options. I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience and expose them to world of local government!

Will education be my final career destination? I don’t really know. I can tell you that I like what I’m doing, but I also miss working directly in local government. For me, right now, this is the right decision. Taking the risk and making the change has been overwhelming, exciting, and invigorating. And – I get really excited when I talk about my students, classes, and content.

I encourage you to be open to exploring your passions. Think about what motivates you. What gets you excited? Take the risk. You never know what doors life will open.




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