Free Workshop – Employee Onboarding: What Every Great Manager Should Know

Posted on February 23, 2022

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What outcomes are we trying to achieve with new employee onboarding, and who is ultimately responsible for achieving those outcomes? Effective onboarding has been shown to be a major factor in long-term work satisfaction for employees, and it is strongly correlated with likelihood of turnover in the first year on the job. Despite its importance, most organizations and managers give little thought to exactly how an employee’s first day, week, and month should proceed.

In this interactive workshop, speaker Ben Mead-Harvey will lead a deep-dive into the most effective way to onboard new employees including:

  • Setting the stage for success with a great welcome
  • Planning and executing the first week
  • Effective check-in meetings: more than going through the motions

Participants will get a detailed, evidence-based breakdown of each key to successful onboarding and walk away with action items they can immediately put into practice.

Register for the Workshop

This workshop is offered free of charge with the generous support of Whispir.

About the Speaker

Ben Mead-Harvey HeadshotBen is an Instructor at the iSchool at University of Illinois. He teaches Personnel Management and Financial Management of Libraries, the former of which he designed and created for the college. He has been working in libraries since 2007, the bulk of which has been in management of municipal and district libraries. His major passion is learning about and teaching others how to effectively manage people. He is the author of, where he publishes weekly articles describing managerial best practices. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master of Library Science from the University of Illinois as well as a master of Business Administration from North Dakota State University. He’s a two time ELGL GovieLovie award winner for his GovLove episodes Onboarding New Employees and Designing Effective Interview Questions and Processes.

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