Get the Word Out: Reaching Community Members With Confidence 

Posted on March 16, 2020


This post is shared from our friends at PublicInput:

Most days public engagement efforts tend to follow a regular cadence of chaos and downtime, but the arrival of COVID-19 is dramatically changing that, stretching every resource available. For many of you this crisis is unprecedented, as clear, consistent communication with your community is critical. 

Our friends at are developing a COVID-19 Engagement Playbook, complete with messaging templates, landing page templates, and survey templates – so you can quickly deploy best practices. This playbook will be sent to all who request it:

The playbook will also be the centerpiece of a webinar on Wednesday, March 18th at 2pm EST. 

  • Quickly deploying a subscriber alerts portal for residents
  • Using the meetings module to live stream public meetings
  • Creating a targeted social media campaign to build awareness and subscriber lists
  • Setting up real-time text message alerts and automating replies

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Effective Monday, March 16 – and for the following 45 days, is also opening up their Communications Cloud (integrated email campaigns, text message alerts, and targeted social media outreach) to their current partners free of charge. 

A turnkey engagement solution is being made available at P-Card levels for all ELGL members

This includes:

  1. Virtual meetings module to take meetings online, with integrations for Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
  2. An online engagement hub for public meetings, subscriber alerts signup, and the latest communications.
  3. Ready-to-go landing pages for a preparedness quiz, public health pledge, and subscriber alerts signup. is reallocating their resources and staff capacity to address COVID-19 concerns, and to make this turnkey solution available at $799/month for a single department with up to 5 system administrators. It can be deployed the same day over a brief kickoff call. Click here schedule a call and get started.

In addition to the above, the benefits of the Communications Cloud are also available at a provisional rate — a quick quote can be provided based on estimated volume of emails, texts, and paid social media promotion.

Leveraging Technology & Industry Expertise

Communications need to be multi-channel and uniform, and holistic public engagement management can provide new pathways for residents to engage. This positions you to create direct resident relationships, while reducing reliance on PR and social networks to get the message out.

PublicInput is also coordinating with several consultants in their Certified Partners program who have experience in Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management to arrange office hours for questions and advice as this situation develops.

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