Podcast: Behind the Scenes with North Carolina’s Elon Poll

Posted on February 26, 2016

Elon Poll

ELGL Co-Founder and Elon University alum Kent Wyatt interviews Dr. Kenneth Fernandez, former director of the Elon Poll. Note: Apologies for feedback early in the podcast. Trust us, it doesn’t last long.

Topics Discussed

  • Polling is front and center in the news with the race for president. What makes one poll better than another? What should we look for when we see poll results?
  • Should we pay attention to internal polls that are leaked? Or is it just the candidates seeking to influence the public?
  • If the Elon Poll was going to start polling today about the race for president in North Carolina, walk us through how you would go about it. How would you account for changing demographics? Voter turnout?
  • Talk about what you thought about the Elon Poll before you arrived. How that perception has changed since arriving? And, has the Elon Poll created career pollsters?
  • What’s your opinion on what polling will look like in 2020? How will you gain a representative sample?

Lightning Round Questions

  1. Better place to live: Burlington or Las Vegas?
  2. First concert you attended:
  3. (Complete the sentence) Nate Silver is…
  4. Most reliable poll (besides Elon Poll):
  5. Most common misconception about polling:
  6. Most memorable polling project that you’ve worked on:


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