HandUp, RideScout & CityScan talk Smart Cities

Posted on August 4, 2014

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Last week, thanks to the efforts of Michael O’Brien, we heard from HandUp, RideScout and CityScan about what they are doing to make cities better. These companies are making it easier to help the homeless, helping you get from place to place and saving cities money. Check out what they had to say.

Smart Cities Speakers


Our webinar MC, Michael O’Brien, kicked off the webinar by introducing us to each of the companies. In the fast-moving webinar each company had about 10 minutes to present and then the floor was opened up for questions. Each speaker was engaging and filled their 10 minutes with all the information they could.

HandUp collects money for the homeless by giving them a platform to tell their story and explain their goals. Donors can see where their money goes. Currently operating in San Francisco, Rose Broome said HandUp is looking to expand to other cities. Connect with Rose: Twitter & LinkedIn.

CityScan allows cities to manage and inventory their assets through a unique scanning process. Orlando Saez explained the technical service in an understandable way. CityScan can track items like telephone poles and manholes, and measure blight in neighborhoods. Connect with Orlando: Twitter & LinkedIn.

RideScout is acting as a collector of all the different transportation apps and services so people can go to one place to figure out how to get somewhere. Joseph Kopser said that people don’t want a bunch of apps on their phones and RideScout means you only need one. Connect with Joseph: Twitter & LinkedIn.

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