2019 Haverford Award FAQs

Posted on October 11, 2019

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These are some frequently asked questions about the Haverford Award, honoring the best companies working with local government.

Does my company have to be a member to get recognized?

No, but it certainly helps to be an ELGL member to fully understand and speak to our vision, mission, and values and how they align with your company’s work. All-In Memberships are $400/year and include memberships for up to 10 staff members plus full access to all ELGL resources.

Who can nominate my company?

A nomination must be made by someone currently working for local government. It can be a current or a former client or customer. We’ll ask them to verify this information on the nomination form.

Why can’t I nominate the company I work for?

A core ELGL value is storytelling about local government service, and having a local government employee share their experience working with your company aligns with this value. We often hear from our members that they learn the most from vendors and companies not at vendors halls or tables at our events (which is why we don’t have them…) but from the knowledge share when they write blog posts, host webinars, engage on social media, and participate at ELGL events. And so the nomination will also serve as a way to tell that story about your company in a way that’s meaningful and authentic.

Does that person who nominates, need to be an ELGL member?

See above. It’s not a requirement, but it helps for the person nominating, to understand ELGL’s values. Individual memberships are $40 and include full access to all ELGL resources.

Why do you have this award?

One of ELGL’s core values is celebrating local government and finding the joy in our work. Recognizing the top companies is one way we do this.

Who is going to make the selection of the top 25 companies?

ELGL staff and the Board of Directors will review all nominations and make the decisions.

What’s the criteria for selection?

It’s not a hard and fast process, but generally we’ll award one point for different criteria (which are selected based on ELGL’s values) and recognize the top point getters. In cases of ties or close point totals, we’ll defer to the companies that have authentically engaged with ELGL in the past – companies that have participated in our value of knowledge transfer and thought leadership via blogs, webinars, or event attendance.

Do multiple nominations from multiple people matter?

Sure, but it’s not required. For example, one well written nomination is as valuable as six nominations with the same information cut and pasted. And we won’t add together the points from multiple nominations, either, so it’s not like you increase your changes by having a bunch of people nominate your company.

But, if you have multiple perspectives and stories you want to share, please feel free to submit multiple nominations. Again, the goal is to get great information pulled together about your work to share with the local government community.

Will you publish the names of nominees during the nomination period?

Of course! That information is linked here.

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