Hold Up, Wait a Minute…NRC, Inc. Joins ELGL

Posted on March 12, 2016

You’ve met Angelica Wedell through her recent column on communications. You’ve read the National Research Center, Inc’s (NRC) article – 10 Local Government Blogs You Should Follow. Now, it’s time to learn more about our newest organizational member, the National Research Center, Inc.


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NRC offers a broad range of research and evaluation products to assist government and nonprofit sector clients.

They conduct public opinion surveys, perform needs assessments, evaluate existing programs and help organizations to develop and test anticipated policies. They provide trainings and write curricula and handbooks on the methods and uses of evaluation and survey research. The results of our studies are used to benchmark best practices, budget for new or better services, enhance performance, increase sustainability, improve outcomes, satisfy consumer or client preferences and increase funding and revenue generation.

NRC staff members are fluent in both qualitative and quantitative research strategies and often employ both approaches in a single study. They perform process and outcome evaluations and have extensive experience conducting interviews and surveys, convening focus groups, using observational techniques and secondary data sources.

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