I Love BBQ: Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL

Posted on August 1, 2016

ELGL is co-hosting the hottest social event at #ICMA16 in Kansas City, MO – the Sunday evening BBQ Mix & Mingle. No one likes to attend an event when they don’t know anyone else attending, so ELGL is publishing daily “I Love BBQ” profiles of our registered attendees to give you a sneak peek and preview of your fellow local government BBQ aficionados. Learn more about the creative and innovative local government leaders you’ll meet at this ICMA mixer:

Kansas City

Kirsten Wyatt

Executive Director, ELGL

Twitter | LinkedIn

When I think of Kansas City, I think about… L.P. Cookingham.

The biggest issue facing local government is… infrastructure investment.

My pro tip for getting the most out of professional conferences… When someone gives you their business card, jot down something from your conversation on their card so you can remember each person when you’re back in the office.

If I had to create a presidential ticket with my top two mentors, I’d select… Sarah Medary (city of Eugene) and Cal Horton (retired, town of Chapel Hill.)

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