Ignite your Spark! Women’s Leadership Cohort

Posted on May 16, 2021

Women's Leadership Cohort

“When I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lorde.

ELGL, in partnership with Raftelis, presents our first ever Women’s Leadership Cohort! In this program we aim to help women at all levels of local government ignite their leadership spark. Whether you are just starting your career or if you have been in local government for years – if you have a desire for professional development, this is the cohort for you.

This is a great opportunity to learn new and hone existing skills. Our cohort opportunity will focus on leadership, development of core management skills, and learning how to be your own greatest advocate! This is a 3-month cohort focused on developing women to hone and “spark” their leadership potential within local government. We welcome women at all levels of local government to participate in this leadership development and networking opportunity!

Some exciting themes we will dive into through this cohort:

✨Authentic Leadership
✨Bias in the workplace
✨Self-advocacy and negotiation
✨Imposter Syndrome
✨(The myth of) work-life balance
✨Mentorship & Networking



  • Session 1: August 11th, Cohort Introduction! Guest Speaker, Julia Novak, Executive Vice President of Raftelis 
  • Session 2: August 18th, Bias in the Workplace, Sapna Mulki, Raftelis
  • Session 3: September 1st, Self-Advocacy and Negotiation, Sereniah Breland, Pflugerville, Texas City Manager
  • Session 4: September 15th, Imposter Syndrome, Chante Mitchell, ELGL and Jennifer Teal, Raftelis
  • September 24th and 25th (ELGL #21) Meet and Greet!
  • Session 5: September 29th, The Myth of Work Life Balance, India Adams-Jacobs, Town Manager of Colonial Beach
  • Session 6: October 13th, Mentorship and Networking, Kirsten Wyatt, Executive Director of ELGL
  • Session 7: October 27th, Getting the job, Raftelis Consulting 
  • November 10th, Graduation

The same time for all sessions: 11PST/1CST/2EST (1 hour and 30 minutes long)

Application Closed. 

Any live sessions will be recorded and available to participants on-demand.

About the Sponsor                                             


Raftelis has worked with more than 1,200 public agencies, and in the last year alone has worked on 900 projects for 600 different public agencies in North America.  Experts include industry-leading consultants and former municipal and utility leaders with decades of hands-on experience. Raftelis consultants sit on leading finance, management, and communication committees, helping to set standards for utilities and local governments.                                                                                                                                                                             

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