Innovation Series: Everyblock, News & Social Media for Neighborhoods

Posted on October 20, 2014

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The next installment of our Innovation Webinar Series is on October 22nd with Everyblock, a service that aims to bring news and social media down to a neighborhood level. So join us at Noon PT, you can register and learn more below.

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Register for the Everyblock Webinar on October 22nd

How are they innovative?

The goal of Everyblock is to allow people to customize their news down to the neighborhood level. It also allows neighbors to connect with each other from posting about upcoming events to asking for a babysitter. Everyblock says their goal is, “to help you be a better neighbor by giving you frequently updated neighborhood information, plus tools to have meaningful conversations with neighbors.”


The service is simple to use: create an account and choose which places to follow. The customized EveryBlock homepage will be updated throughout the day and show what’s been happening near the followed places, plus what people in those places are talking about. People can join in the neighborhood conversation when they have something to contribute — a question for their neighbors, a news report, an event listing, or just a heads-up about something people should know about.

Connect with Everyblock: Twitter & Facebook.


Mark your calendar for October 22nd at 2:00 pm CT (12pm PT, 3pm ET) and register here: All of our webinars take place at, simply log on with an email.

Meet the Speaker

Matthew Summy is a Vice President of Comcast where he is in charge of strategic partnerships for Everyblock. He has two decades of experience in economic development, community investment and public policy advocacy. Prior to his leadership at Comcast, Matthew served as president & CEO of the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition (ISTC), where he developed public-private partnerships to secure resources for research, development and innovation (source). He also has an MPA from New York University. Comcast acquired Everyblock in September after MSNBC had shut the doors on the company. Now the “personalized news feed that allows users to stay connected with neighbors, interact and share what’s happening on their block, and discover great content and information from around their area” has launched in Philadelphia, PA. 

Connect with Mathew: LinkedIn

Register for the Everyblock Webinar on October 22nd

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