Jennifer Davies

No. 5

2024 Top Influencers in Local Government

Jennifer Davies

Strategic Communications Manager | City of Las Vegas, NV | LinkedIn

Jennifer Davies envisions a government that is more accessible, connected, and relevant to the community.

As the strategic communications manager for the City of Las Vegas, she is passionate about the transformative power of digital tools. Jennifer melds ingenuity and data to ensure the city’s messages reach the public and, more importantly, resonate with target audiences. 

Jennifer is also an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and regularly hosts and mentors interns. 

In leading the city’s digital and marketing teams, she draws on expertise in digital engagement — social media, email marketing, and web usability — and traditional marketing, including branding, advertising, and graphic design.

As a government communicator, fostering connection is essential, and Jennifer uses data to ensure outreach efforts deliver positive return on investment. She is preparing to launch the city’s first street team, where brand ambassadors will promote city services and events.

Jennifer knows creativity drives social media engagement and encourages her team to have fun with the city’s social content, embrace trends while delivering key messages, and analyze the results to enhance future performance. Under Jennifer’s leadership, her team generated 18.4 million views on Instagram and TikTok in 2023 alone, reaching a new audience with information about city events and services — and advancing a positive view of local government.

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