Josh & Ethan’s Excellent #13Percent Adventure #7

Posted on October 9, 2015

Barbara Roberts: Up the Capitol Steps
Blog Post #4:

Well folks, things are heating up!
A formerly two-dimensional character has gone the full 3D. Who? One Frank Roberts of course, that ol’ rascal.
He enters the fray when by “chance” he sits next to Barbara on a car trip to the monthly Democratic Party meeting. They were close friends and colleagues as a result of his assistance in getting Bill 699 passed, but she began to see that perhaps there was more there than just friendship.
Entering the world of the dating again, however, proved difficult to her. Cold parting words from her all-too-recent divorce had left her feeling undesirable and less than confident.
Still, with a little prodding from her son Mark (now a teenager) she began looking at Frank in a different light. Perhaps there was something there worth pursuing.
One romantic evening later, her question was answered. They made it clear how they felt.
It was a great night for her, the potential for an exciting new relationship abounded. He had a sailboat, was politically involved and influential, charismatic; everything she was spot on.
But then nothing! The scoundrel didn’t call, write, visit, nada! Maybe her fears about being undesirable were right. Maybe she had been wrong about how he felt. Maybe he had second thoughts. Who knew? He did have the reputation as a bit of a womanizer, and had racked up two divorces to his name. She skipped the next month’s Democratic Party meeting for fear of seeing him.
And then, two months later, he called her. They met halfway between her place and his office, and he hopped in the passenger seat of her car, high school style. He proceeded to explain that he hadn’t pursued her because her divorce had clearly been very painful, and that he didn’t want to take advantage of any vulnerability. He should have protected their friendship instead of expressing his attraction. What a guy!
She said, crying: “Frank, could we go back to the part about the attraction you were feeling?” So they settled in together. As they became a steady item, they decided they wouldn’t marry but just be in a committed relationship.
Everybody assumed Frank would sail through the next election (he did have a sailboat), which made his sudden and unexpected defeat for re-election to the Oregon House of Representatives a random and unwelcome blow. He was used to winning handily, but new districts meant his voters didn’t necessarily recognize him. He concentrated more on helping his fellow Democrats than his own re-election, and thus while his efforts secured a Democratic majority, he was left empty-handed.
He plunged into depression and remained in that state for several months, until Barbara, through some encouragement and some healthy guilt, got him motivated to get back into the swing of things. She was going to go help the candidates he had worked so diligently to get elected, and she needed his help.
That’s all for now, tune in next week!

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