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Posted on June 23, 2014

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Aimee Kaslik gave one of ELGL’s new favorite presentations last week. Aimee is the performance administrator for the City of Irving, Texas. Her award-winning team even joined her to answer questions at the end of the webinar.

irving performance management


irving logoAimee’s presentation covered everything from background information on the City of Irving to what performance management is and how her team fits into the city. Thank you to Brad Kearney, Ryan Adams, and Chris Sanchez for joining Aimee and sharing their expertise. She also included an informative video in her presentation.



The most impressive part is the results the city has seen, with $44 million saved and eliminating more than 64,000 hours. You can see Aimee’s whole presentation (and her notes!) by downloading her PowerPoint:

City of Irving TX – Performance Team Overview.

Thanks to our partnership with Strategic Government resources we can offer a recording of the webinar for your viewing pleasure. So watch or re-watch the webinar and learn from Aimee:

#KaslikKeys Performance Management in Irving, TX

The Takeaways

Now lets turn to the twitter-verse and see what takeaways the attendees of the webinar had.

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