Kittelson’s Corner: Hiking is Fun

Posted on May 6, 2017

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Let’s go…

Hiking is Fun

Just to prove to you doubters out there that I was actually hiking earlier today and not ignoring my beloved readers here are some pics from Stone Mountain State Park.

Big fan of this trail, it actually had some elevation change, which is rare for North Carolina. Plus there was a waterfall and lots of good vistas. Despite it being May it was a little chilly on the mountain.

What I Listened To

Pod Save America: The Moment of Truth

I really enjoy the whole Pod Save America crew for their takes on the week’s news but lately they have been discussing the future of politics post-45 and it has been fascinating. This week’s episode also had one of the candidates for Virginia Governor on and I really liked the conversation they had.



Radiolab: Funky Hand Jive

This episode of Radiolab was super fascinating, they looked into the science of microbes and how bacteria gets passed from person to person. One of the hosts measured the amount of bacteria that was passed to his hand from a handshake. Science is weird and cool



ELGL’s Brand Personality

Before you ask, no what Rebecca Woodbury said on Twitter isn’t true. I won’t be providing mediocre customer service for ELGL. That sweet headset is just my conference call equipment.

But despite the weird face I’m making this picture was taken in the middle of a really interesting conversation about ELGL’s brand personality. We spent the entire 1 hour call this week trying to focus in on a single word to describe the personality of ELGL. We ended up being split between two words:

  • Authentic
  • Nimble

So cast your vote. Tweet me (@benkittelson56) to vote on whether you think Authentic or Nimble best describes ELGL. Or if there’s another word we didn’t think of let me know!

Tweet of the Week

Hat tip to Ben Speggen, our friend from Hometown Summit (and future GovLove guest… stay tuned) for this Leslie Knope quote he saw posted. This is definitely one of my all time favorite Leslie quotes and I’ve had to keep this in mind a few times…

Wait! One more thing…

ELGL17 is almost here!!!!!! I’m so excited. To get ready (or live vicariously through the attendees) check out all the posts we’ve done hyping the events at the conference and the ELGL members that are attending.

#ELGL17 in Detroit, Michigan


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