Knope of the Week: American City and County Magazine, Bill Wolpin and Derek Prall

Posted on June 28, 2013

American City & County Magazine Highlights Knope of the Week

What is the Knope of the Week? It’s ELGL’s way of recognizing an individual or group of individuals who have excelled in promoting the public sector. Recipients may come from the public or private sector and are nominated by ELGL members. Recipients receive an incredible amount of recognition and prizes that we are not at liberty to disclose. The storied history of the award dates back to 2012.

American City & County Magazine

Bill Wolpin, Editorial Director/Associate Publisher,

Derek Prall, Assistant Editor,

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Background Check

American City & County has been the voice of state and local government since 1909. The magazine serves a powerful audience of city, county and state officials who are charged with developing and implementing government policy, programs and projects. The magazine maintains its leadership position by providing these readers with news, government trends, policy alternatives and operational solutions.

Knope-Worthy Contributions

The Knope went national this month. In the June issue of  American City & County magazine, the article, “Municipal Outreach: What Your Website Says About You” by Derek Prall,  highlights the communication efforts of ELGL, specifically, the Knope of the Week and the Resume Book.

Two examples of interactive programs offered by the ELGL are the “Knope of the Week Award” and the Resume Book outreach effort.

In a nod to the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, the Knope of the Week recognizes public or private officials who go “above and beyond,” according to Wyatt. Nominated by ELGL members, notable recipients have included Mark Zusman, editor of the alt-weekly Willamette Week, and the leaders of Hillsboro, Ore., for establishing the Hillsboro Hops minor league baseball team.

The ELGL’s Resume Book is another web-based outreach program. Inspired by the “Who’s Who in America” books and programs like it, Wyatt said the program, which collects resumes to connect professionals with more than 100 governmental entities and partners, is growing. It now includes recruiting firms, cities, counties, state agencies and special districts.

ELGL, as well as I am sure Leslie Knope, was honored to be mentioned. Being highlighted for these efforts has benefited ELGL in a number of ways: increased website traffic, increased inquiries about ELGL from other individuals and groups from across the good ol’ U.S of A, and most importantly, increased recognition of the previous Knope of the Week winners.

You may recognize Bill’s name as he was one of the first profiles in On the Public Record. Derek, the author of the “Municipal Outreach” article, is also known for contributing to the web feature Governments’ Lighter Side which is an irreverent take on local and state government news. Here’s a sampling of the news covered in the feature: Pint-sized park causes international disputeAnd the winner — um, mayor — is …, and Bigfoot’s existence confirmed! Just kidding.

We also honor American City & County magazine as a bit of a lifetime achievement award. The magazine, started in 1909,  is almost older than the state of Oregon and has provided a consistent voice of state and local government issue.

Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite American City & County magazine articles. Thanks to Bill, Derek, and the rest of the magazine’s staff for their contributions to the government arena.

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