Knope of the Week: #ELGL13 Twitterazzi

Posted on October 11, 2013

American City & County Magazine Highlights Knope of the Week

What is the Knope of the Week? It’s ELGL’s way of recognizing an individual or group of individuals who have excelled in promoting the public sector. Recipients may come from the public or private sector and are nominated by ELGL members. Recipients receive an incredible amount of recognition and prizes that we are not at liberty to disclose. The storied history of the award dates back to 2012.

And the winner of the Knope of the Week is…..

ELGL Twitterazzi

Alexander Stuehr,

Alexandra Fercak, City of Portland

Amber Mathiesen, Falls City

Amy Jauron, Corvallis/Benton County Economic Development

Anna Johnson, Deschutes County

Ben Kittelson, City of West Linn and PSU MPA

Erik Fabian, Center for Priority Based Budgeting

John Morgan, Chinook Institute

Josh Halladay, AmeriCorps

Justin Cutler, Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District

Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard

Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn

Marissa Grass, City of Tigard

Pat Mobley, City of Milwaukie

What was the best part of #ELGL13? Many have would say the Twitterazzi which started the day as 14 brave souls and slowly grew to nearly 30 by the end of the day. Our favorite part of the quickly expanding Twitterazzi was witnessing a number of conference attendees take the jump into the Twitterverse as the day progressed. The growth and influence of the Twitterazzi was evident by mid-afternoon when #ELGL13 was a trending topic on Twitter. Unfortunately, the pesky Red Sox were one of two keeping us from the top spot.

We recognize the original members of the Twitterazzi by bestowing to them the Knope of the Week. Below we highlight some of their best tweets along with those who become Twitter converts doing #ELGL13.

georgerede: Polished off the public speaking skills and had a good time at #ELGL13 conference

Jason Higbee: #ELGL13 was useful, pertinent and fun – well planned and executed. Great to hear from so many prominent leaders. I was thoroughly impressed.

Robin Franzen Parker: What more could you want from a conference? #ELGL13 was informative, fun and inspiring. Thanks for a great day!

inessa monique vitko‏: @ThePotentialist: never quit on yourself & always be better! #perfect closing words for #elgl13

Saby waraich‏: Change the I in bitter to E to be better  #ELGL13

Amber Mathiesen: In one moment you can make someone’s day to be the best day ever, or you can crush a lifetime dream. Lesson from Dion Jordan #ELGL13

Corvallis Econ Dev: @ThePotentialist is teaching us full-blown adults to reconnect to our “kindergarten confidence” #ELGL13

Kent Wyatt: Why am I loving @ThePotentialist at #ELGL13? He broke out the empty chair via Clint Eastwood.

Heather Martin: Matt Donahue talk all good until he showed Tom Brady in the Michigan locker room…#ELGL13

Gov lov: Talking bonds. Next slide…James. #elgl13

Colin Deverell: Why did it have to take a bond specialist to make the connection for me between The O’Jays and @TheFlamingLips? #ELGL13

Anna Johnson: Yes, by the way, we DO listen to the OJays at #elgl13. We’re kinda cool that way…

Michelle Bixler: @benkittelson56 schooling us all on #Twitter #socialmedia #ELGL13 #twitterazzi Mentioned reverse multiplier ’cause that’s happened elsewhere when massive layoffs occur. Risk of big biz dependence #ELGL13 #cplan

Zach Henkin: Congratulations twitterers #ELGL13 is trending because of all of the great chatter! 

Kirsten Wyatt: @CityofBeaverton #RandyEaly does #PhilDonahue impression as he roams #ecdev #ELGL13 session with the live mic. Look alive @WheelerJordan

aron carleson: I’m not going to miss @OregonELGL conf next year. Tweets alone are AMAZING. They had Gov Gregoire, Gov Kul, now Ec Dev, #ELGL13 #missedout

Ben Kittelson: #RachaelFuller says we should be more like #LadyGaga, is it time for @QuiteaWyatt to break out his meat suit? Yes, definitely. #ELGL13 Great tweets from #ELGL13. On communicating w/public see: “When Communication Goes One-Way” #cplan

John Morgan: Governor Gregoire just ripped Congress several new ones giving a profound lesson in leadership and statesmanship. Big applause. #ELGL13

Alexandra Fercak: “You are what John F Kennedy called for! Don’t look at #Congress as a role model!” @GovGregoire  #ELGL13 #governmentshutdown

Joshua R. Gregor: #ArnoldSchwarzenegger played a good role in pacific coast economics during his tenure. Not such a good role in #TheExpendables2 #ELGL13

Caroline Zavitkovski: Governor Gregoire is a master at telling touching stories while maintaining a tenacious edge. #ELGL13

G Ossman: Love the message of leadership through planning, accountability and principles… Thx Gov. Gregoire! #ELGL13

Jessica Harper: So inspired by this Governors panel. #elgl13

Alexander Stuehr: Even highspeed car crashes on I5 can’t stop the #ELGL13 Twitterarazzi!

Jacques Livingston: @LenReedJr #elgl13 “never underestimate the power of a phone call” face time and voice time still beats the online fire hydrant

Anna Johnson: How sick is it that we can sit comfortably in this amazing historical place and learn? #elgl13

Marissa Grass:  “Always send a thank you note. Always share your survey results.”  #ELGL13

Sara Doughty: It’s forever 6:05 in the theater #ELGL13

Michelle Tagmyer: Who is doing communications well? @tomeiland says #ClackamasCounty, #reynoldsschooldistrcit & #WestLinn #ELGL13

Pat Mobley: #ELGL13 OK, I’m an avid home brewer, I’m starting a craft beer wholesale business, how was I not assigned to the craft beer table today?

Thomas Frank: “@OregonELGL: 50 percent of those under 34 don’t have a landline. ELGL prefers walkie-talkies. #ELGL13” Smoke Signals!

Marissa Grass: “The Metro made me do it defense.” @MayorPDX talking about courage at  #ELGL13

Mayor Shane Bemis: Glad to be at #ELGL13 with two of my fellow Mayors from the region. @MayorPDX @MayorDoyle

Joshua R. Gregor: Waiting to hear if my Myspace page will get me in free speech-hot water #ELGL13

Ellen L. Miller: @CFM_Online How do I decorate our sponsored table at a paperless @OregonELGL #ELGL13 conference?

Tim: Told the staff I was in town for #ELGL13 and was upgraded to an executive suite….thanks Oxford @ Janzen!

Previous Recipient: Nick Lawson, Graphic Designer and Willamette MBA Student

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