Knope of the Week: Kim Ervin, Pyramid Communications

Posted on January 16, 2015

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Digital Storytelling: Kim Ervin, Pyramid Communications, Senior Social Media Strategist

The gift of #ELGL14 keeps giving. We met Kim Ervin (LinkedIn and Twitter) for the first time at #ELGL14 and since then she has become an important ELGL contributor. Through the “Digital Storytelling” column, Kim has given us pointers on finding our social media filter, using Google Hangout, measuring the reach of our communications, and slowing down the fast paced world of social media.

building-support-for-social-mediaIn December 2014, Kim teamed up with Patrick Rollens, Village of Oak Park, IL and Kirsten Wyatt, City of Ferndale, WA to present “Building Internal Momentum for Social Media.” The webinar attracted one of our biggest audiences and can be relived in our webinar library.

Whether it’s introducing us to Google Hangout or answering questions on Twitter about how to get an account verified, Kim is always willing to help. She’s embraced writing a monthly column and proactively sought ways to contribute to ELGL. Our relationship with Kim proves the benefits of building relationships with those outside our immediate local government bubble. Thanks Kim! Keep on, keepin’ on….


Word on the Street


Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard, OR

I first met Kim when she was working on a project in Tigard. She’s full of fresh ideas and embraces new communications strategies. I admire people like Kim who are contributing not because they have to, but because they want to, and you can tell through her writing, webinar presence, and Twitter activity that she is genuinely interested in ELGL and what we stand for. Go Seahawks!

Chris Nelson, Pyramid Communicationsleslie-knope-party

Kim is a fantastic combo of thinker and doer. She devises strategies that are smart, inclusive and comprehensive. And you know they’re going to succeed because she has loads of experience putting such them into play. She inspires people time and time again. They trust that Kim can not only help them reach their goals, but also help them feel comfortable taking the reins themselves down the line. 

Plus she has amazing taste in music, food and film!

Bridget Doyle, City of Sterling Heights, MI

Kim is a stellar communicator and was such a great piece of our panel at #ELGL14. Her perspective and ideas are innovative and forward-thinking and help push local governments out of their comfort zone. I hope people like Kim continue to invest their time in assisting local government with communication strategy — we have a long way to go.

Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn, OR

Kim deserves the Knope because of her thoughtful approach to government communications. Her work with ELGL helps us all build strong foundations for open and transparent communications so we’re ready to go when it’s time to share information in our communities.  Some communications consultants sit back and wait for a crisis to strike before they swoop in to help, with all the answers.  Kim has done the opposite.  She is committed to building strong communities and she wants to share information before it’s time to call in the consultants.  I find this admirable, and most worthy of the coveted Knope award.

Kris Wittenberger, Pyramid Communications

If Kim is Leslie Knope, then I aspire to be her Donna Meagle — someone who tells harsh truisms and might laugh audibly at the expense of others, but is always willing to pull a wildcard from my random skill set to help her if she’s in a bind. Kim is forever encouraging everyone to be their “authentic self”. Thanks to her, someday I will rise to the level of social media confidence that can only be expressed in the following GIF of Donna:


Patrick Rollens, Village of Oak Park, IL

Kim is a national treasure thanks in no small part to her selfless efforts sharing knowledge with the ELGL network. During the few times I’ve been on a panel or webinar with Kim, I’ve filled a notebook with best practices, actionable intel and leading edge insight. She is adept at relating tips and tricks from her perspective at the forefront of an industry that is changing daily. Here’s hoping we can count on her wisdom in 2015 and beyond!

Ben Kittelson, Guilford County, NCtumblr_inline_nbxfrpBmPs1rj0wjl

I’m so glad Kim has shared her expertise with ELGL! The webinar she did with Kirsten and Patrick was great, her perspective on the big picture of social media gave greater weight to the ‘in the trenches’ experience of the other speakers. I’ve also enjoyed her new ‘Digital Storytelling’ column, I always learn something new and make myself a better tweeter. Thanks Kim.

Ben McCready, City of Rock Island, IL

Kim Ervin’s consistent presence and contributions are an essential part of what defines ELGL. Her column bridges the gap, proving that not only can local government do a better job sharing amongst ourselves but working as a partner with private sector leaders to transform local government beyond “business as usual”. Ervin has proven herself an essential partner to ELGL and local governments, helping us not only become adept users of the digital word but to engage, listen, and share our stories. When it comes to adapting communication and engagement strategies to meet residents changing expectations, Ervin provides welcome insight, guidance, and a valued perspective to the ELGL community.

Emily Leuning, Cities of Sherwood and West Linn

Kim is great! She was a panelist during our Social Media session at #ELGL14, writes articles for the website and presented as part of the “Building Internal Support for Social Media” webinar. I enjoy her perspective and can’t wait to see what she does next!

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