Mark Stotik, Clackamas County Assistant Director, Employee Services

Posted on August 22, 2014

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Mark Stotik, ELGL advisory member and Clackamas County staffer, is the runaway winner of the Knope of the Week. We honor Mark this week as he prepares to leave Clackamas County to move to Denver, Colorado. Mark has been a core ELGL member from the beginning. He has hosted ELGL forums, served on the Advisory Board, participated as a guest “Morning Buzzer”, and provided input on the ELGL vision.

Good luck to Mark, and we look forward to his contributions from Denver.

Background Check

1495eb1Mark Stotik earned his bachelor’s in International Studies from American University and his J.D. from the Emory University School of Law. Additionally he received a Graduate Certificate in Public Management from Portland State University and completed the Clackamas County Leadership Academy. He was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay from 1989 to 1991. After graduating from law school he worked as a law clerk, a staff attorney for Legal Aid, and as the director of a workers’ rights center. Prior to coming to Clackamas County he was the Director of Representation for SEIU Local 1107 and a staff attorney for the Association of Flight Attendants – CWA. His interests are reading, traveling (20 countries and counting), his cat and the New Orleans Saints.

Word on the Street


Steve Wheeler, City of Hood River, Oregon, City Manager

“I had a great experience working with Mark.  He was always informed and prepared for the subject at hand.  Has an excellent working knowledge of Oregon public labor law.  Tells you bad or difficult news, even though you may want to hear it. Totally professional in all regards.”

Nancy Drury, Clackamas County, Employee Services Director

pr-21“I hired Mark six years ago as the County’s Labor and Employee Relations Manager.  He has exceeded all expectations and was promoted a couple of years ago to the Assistant Director, Employee Services, a new position.  He has been my right hand for all those years.  I am very happy for Mark and know he will be successful in Denver, but I will miss him very much.  Mark has grown a great deal over the last six years and I expect we will hear great things about him in the future.”

Krista Weatherford, Clackamas County, Department of Employee Services

“I have appreciated Mark’s ability to assimilate into a group and you think he has been there forever!  He is not shy about offering his opinion and has meaningful insights to add to any discussion.  I also like his ability to snark and as a fellow snarkapotamus, it has made trainings way more fun!”

Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn, Assistant City Manager

tumblr_inline_n7h0u7Rjfn1rkg7ly“Mark has been a tremendous resource for ELGL since its inception. We are grateful that Mark dedicated his time as a founding member of our advisory board. He always offered thoughtful insight into the direction of ELGL. I look forward to hearing about Mark’s Denver adventure and his continued contributions to ELGL.”

Cindy Becker, Clackamas County, Director – Health, Housing & Human Services

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark since he started with the County – even though I give him a hard time, I have to say he’s terrific!  I know he could write a chapter in my “You just can’t make this up” book, but he’s a true professional with a lot of class.  And, he appreciates my humor and tolerates my craziness!  We don’t always agree, but he’s responsive, smart, and has great compassion – he will be missed…!”

Liz GarciaWater Environment Services (WES), Business Services Manager

tumblr_l5sm85ZHId1qc41a4o1_400“My experience with Mark has been one of the best experiences I have had working with anyone during my career. Mark is one of those people who you work with that no matter what, you can tell it like you see it with him and he will tell you the same right back. It can be brutal at times, yet so refreshing and helpful. I truly have appreciated the opportunity working with Mark and what I see as the friendship it has grown into. Mark is a good guy, needs to talk louder or maybe just slower J although he has a fabulous laugh. Wherever Mark ends up he will do well and whoever gets him will be lucky to have him.”

Marc Gonzales, Clackamas County, Finance Director

“Mark Stotik is one in many millions – astute leader of people, source of honest and fair dealings with everyone with whom he interacts, keen judge of underlying motives and compromise points, and with a sense of humor that keeps him and those around him sane in crazy situations.”

Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard, Senior Management Analyst

pr-31“Mark garners an incredible amount of respect and admiration from the local government community. Mark’s reputation alone was a benefit to ELGL. His active participation in forming what ELGL is today contributed to ELGL developing a reputation as a big tent organization for all functions of local government.”

Ellen Crawford, Clackamas County, Director – Juvenile Department

“Mark is intelligent, receptive and solution focused on solving issues.  He is thoughtful, yet quick to process information and reach collaborative agreements.  I appreciate him being recognized for his talents and skills.”

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