Knope of the Week: Melissa Anzman, Career Consultant, Author, and Speaker

Posted on May 2, 2014

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Author. Career Consultant. NASCAR Fan


She’s a huge NASCAR fan and an incredible career resource, and now, Melissa Anzman is the Knope of the Week. ELGL first met Melissa last year through Mac Prichard. We learned more about Melissa during our interview with her about the book, Stop Hating Your Job: How to Be Happy at Work Without Quitting.

ELGL reconnected with Melissa recently when we were invited to participate in the Launch Yourself podcast. The podcast covered the founding of ELGL and lessons learned from the formation of ELGL.

This week Melissa was the special guest at the #AdvanceYourself Twittersation. Melissa spent an hour giving advice on how to progress in your career and how to interview for the job that you want. When your fingers are tired, you know it’s been a productive Twittersation.

Background Check


Connect: LinkedIn, Twitter, and World Wide Web

Melissa Anzman is the author of Stop Hating Your Job: How to Be Happy at Work without Quitting. She blogs over at Launch and has contributed/quoted in other media outlets including American Express OPEN Forum, (BeKnown), Brazen Careerist, YouTern, Business Insider, and more. She is a frequent speaker on topics including What Your Really Need to Get Ahead at Work; How to Lead Different Generations More Effectively; Being More Effective Human Resources Superstars, and more.

Melissa Anzman is an author, career coach and launch coachsultant, who helps people launch their career, business, or brand and maximize their potential. After over 13 years as a Human Resources leader, Melissa is passionate about people feeling valued and recognized in their chosen field.

Prior to starting, Melissa provided Human Resources and Employee Communications leadership within several industries including Publishing, Financial Services, and Medical Devices; across the U.S. and globally. She is a Certified Coach, a member of the ICF, and holds an MBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Wisconsin.

What We Learned

amypoh1Melissa answered a number of questions during the Twittersation. We have highlighted a number of them below. For the complete transcript, visit that crazy thing called Twitter and search “#AdvanceYourself.”

Is there one question a job candidate should always ask in an interview?

Why is this position open? What does success look like?

How to apply for jobs across the country?1

Skills and experience over location. Try & show you have knowledge about the company – as if u were there.

What is the appropriate way to follow up on an application/interview without being annoying?

For an app – follow-up email a few days later is preferred.*maybe* call or tweet. but… be careful

Is a Master’s degree the new Bachelor’s degree? Do you need an MPA to stand out from the crowd?

I don’t think education makes you “stand out” anymore. Experience does that. If school is necessary for your industry – then do it. Otherwise, be the best in what you do. Gain as much knowledge. Deliver. Become known.

Thoughts on job candidates who have no social media presence, and when you “Google” them nothing comes up.

Preferable than having bad content online. I’d prefer a LI profile, at least, but zero has never happened-yet

What about older job seekers should they try to” hide” their age on their resume?

I never recommend having dates for graduation here.knopecocky_496943

Give us your honest opinion of government. Go ahead, we can take it.

LOL – I honestly didn’t know much about it until I found you peeps. It wasn’t… on my radar.

Should you “dress for the job you want,” or dress for the personality you have?

Dress for the job you want, but add YOU into it. Your personality should shine through – always.

How do you measure whether you’re having an impact on people?

For me, it’s if something created a change in behavior or an “aha.” Big or small – it’s impactful.

How do students and young professionals create a Linkedin that gets noticed without adding all your friends from college?

Target companies & groups that interest you; be active in group; in-person events > connection

What are good questions to ask at the interview? How do you stand out?

Ask thoughtful q’s – ones that you are actually curious to know. Don’t be obtuse or ask the obvious.

What the top 3 reasons that professionals don’t move up in their career.23

1. “know it all” or overly ambitious 2. don’t align with influencers 3. not proactive in learning.

How do you feel about hyperlinking to work samples in your resume? Does anyone look at that? 

It works better as attachments when you apply. If you have one link (website), that’s fine +

2 page vs. 1 page resume. Thoughts?

10 years of ex + – 2 pages. Less than that, 1 page, all day.

Is LinkedIn a “must” in this day and age? Any other recommended programs?

Yes – it’s a must IMHO. Be there, connect, be relevant. (don’t have any other must’s)

When do you let someone know you want to make a career move? Tacky to say I want a job? professional?

Depends on context. I think you should always talk to influencers about your career path – so it’s not a one time conversation (or a surprise). If they know what to look for, they can help you find it.

I feel pressure to have a cover letter but feel like it comes second to the resume? Thoughts?

I loooathe cover letters. But, you need one. It’s secondary, yes – but a tie-breaker for sure.87

How do we know when to take a lateral career move?

If there is something BIG for you to learn in that role – TAKE it. Growth isn’t always up.

What’s the biggest resume blunder you’ve seen lately?

Poor grammar, lots of FLUFF. But prob, the use of “prowess” and it being misspelled.

If you enjoy what you do but don’t feel like your advancing, what’s the next move?

Keep learning for YOU. Know what drives you, & follow it. Make sure you stay connected

Does it help to have a non traditional resume format? recent trend of graphic design type resumes

Your resume should be more “traditional.” It’s what your hiring managers are needing to see.

Word on the Street


Jessica Williams, Prichard Communications and Mac’s List

Melissa Anzman is an inspiring female leader and community partner. She understands what it means to support others, build community, and contribute to the greater good. If only I could get her to move to Portland! 

HR Green Consulting Firm

Melissa shared great advice for those seeking their first job, moving into a new career or just seeking to improve their current situation.

Patrick Rollens, Village of Oak Park (IL)

It’s no surprise that ELGL members are secretly obsessed with pushing their careers forward into uncharted territory. Melissa Anzman reminded us that 1) this isn’t weird, 2) in fact it’s pretty smart and 3) there’s even more we can do to position ourselves for success in the future. I look forward to reading her book and staying in touch with her through social media.

Ben Kittelson, Metro Newsroom and PSU MPA

Melissa gave some great advice during the Twittersation, from suggestions on how to advance yourself within your job to questions you should ask in an interview. I think my biggest takeaway was that you should know yourself and your skills, and then go find a job or company that will help you leverage them. Thanks Melissa!

Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn

Melissa’s first Twittersation was a huge success.  She provided personalized responses to specific questions and was also able to more broadly address different ways that local government employees can “#AdvanceYourself.” 

Bridget Doyle, Village of Lombard (IL)

Melissa offers great insight to what young professionals can focus on as they advance in their career. She’s honest and thoughtful about her advice – and funny too! She’s a great resource for ELGL members and any young professional looking to ramp up their professional career.  

Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard

Melissa can answer any question from “Before I die I want to….” to what questions should interviewees ask. Melissa brings more than 15 years of HR experience, and a new perspective to those of us in the public sector. Her Twittersation will be somewhat of a living document with many of us looking back at it as we progress in our careers.

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