Knope of the Week: Randy Ealy, Beaverton Chief Administrative Officer

Posted on July 11, 2014

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Exceptional Leader. Collaborator. Questionable Basketball Coach


“The Big Fundamental” Randy Ealy, Beaverton Chief Administrative Officer, is the runaway winner of local government’s top weekly honor the Knope of the Week. Randy was been an ELGL supporter since day one which is evident in his quote in this Portland Tribune article, “Plugging the public sector” about ELGL. Randy also has advanced ELGL’s mission by serving on our advisory board, moderating an economic development panel at #ELGL13, hosting a behind the scenes tour of the new Beaverton Building, and co-presenting with Mayor Doyle at one of ELGL’s first forums.

More importantly, Randy is viewed as one of the key local government leaders in the Portland region. To support that statement, we’ve enlisted a number of his colleagues to comment throughout this profile.

Background Check

randy ealyRandy has worked in Beaverton since March 2009. Prior to Beaverton, Randy served as City Manager for the City of Estacada from 2000 to 2009. His achievements include the adoption of a new City Charter and the creation of the Estacada Urban Renewal District to revitalize the City’s downtown commercial core in 2007. He has helped retain and expand local businesses through the development of the Estacada Industrial Park and the recent implementation of the Estacada Enterprise Zone. Ealy also managed updates to the water, transportation, parks and storm water master plans and advanced the adoption of a “1% for Art” program which sets  aside one percent of the construction value of public projects for a City art project each year.

Ealy served on the Board of Directors of the League of Oregon Cities and was president of the Oregon City and County Managers Association in 2005. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Portland State University and a Bachelor’s degree from Willamette University. Randy is currently serving on the ELGL Advisory Board.

Word on the Street


Gwenn Baldwin, Owner, Baldwin Consulting

“I have worked with Randy in a variety of capacities since the late 1990’s and our continued work together speaks to my tremendous respect for his dedication to public service. We met when he joined the private sector as a consultant in the firm where I worked. His knowledge of the legislature was a great value to the firm, but what I really recall was that he understood that strong economic success in the private sector goes hand-in-hand with strong local government success. Yet local government was his passion and he leapt into his career in city management in Warrenton. Today he brings that same sensibility to Beaverton and I’m honored to be able to work with him again.”

Mayor Denny Doyle, City of Beaverton

ronpuppy“Randy and I talk about what should happen on an issue. I frame it from my perspective, and he makes it happen, keeping me informed as it proceeds. Great team work!!”

Holly Thompson, City of Beaverton, Strategic Initiatives and Communication Manager 

“Randy is the ultimate team coach.  He reminds us daily to keep our eye on the prize, to remember what’s important and that we are public servants here to serve our community.  He reminds us to have fun at work and that what we do is a team sport.  And, he does a GREAT JOB keeping all of our different parts moving in the same direction.  Beaverton is blessed to have Randy!”

Dan Englund, Engineering Business Administrator, ELGL Columnist

tumblr_mbemx86FI51qeaewuo1_500“Randy Ealy is the ultimate public executive to look up to. He has an outstanding track record of success and yet maintains a down to earth personality. I congratulate him on this well deserved honor. May all of ELGL nation learn from his prime examples.”

Joyce M. Barnard, City of Beaverton, Executive Assistant to the Mayor

“Randy Ealy is truly an exceptional leader, collaborator and daily inspiration.  It’s a pleasure to work side-by-side with him every day.  With our Mayor, we brainstorm ideas to improve our City and work as a team to execute and implement.  No day is ever the same at the City of Beaverton, and thanks to Randy, it is exciting to show-up at work and see “what’s next” for Beaverton.”

Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn, Assistant City Manager

giphy“Randy is smart, compassionate, and dedicated to public service.  He is also a key contributor to the continued success and growth of ELGL.  I am proud to call Randy a friend.”

Michelle Tagmyer, City of Beaverton, Support Specialist

“Enthusiastic, genuine and a go-getter are a few words I’d use to describe Randy. Randy is a great leader! He embodies the team spirit and works hard to recognize our efforts. As part of a large organization, that kind of attitude is greatly appreciated!”

Victor Sin, City of Beaverton, Events Program Coordinator

“It’s really a pleasure to be able to work with a leader who is passionate about the profession he does and shows it by making an effort to build up and mentor those who aspire to grow and gain experience in public administration.  If it wasn’t for Randy encouraging me to be involved with the ELGL two plus years ago, I would have never made such great connections and friendships with public administrators from all over the region.”

Ben Kittelson, Oregon Metro, Newsroom

5930714_orig“Randy gave me my first opportunity in local government, I blindly emailed him (because I wanted to contact the mayor) and he passed my resume on to a department that needed an intern. That act of helping out a recent graduate, with no idea what he was doing, sums up Randy. He is always interested in helping out people who want to get involved in local government. He is also willing to share his experiences in local government from speaking at conferences to leading a tour of the new Beaverton Building. Listening to what he has to say is always a great learning experience for me.”

Bill LaMarche, City of Beaverton, Public Information Managertumblr_mugwvlrB9k1rdh9azo1_250

“Randy is a terrific leader and manager. He is not afraid of change and not afraid to tackle the tough issues.  He’s loyal, compassionate and innovative and is a big reason that Beaverton has seen so many successes over these past few years (i.e. safest city in the Pacific Northwest, $150 million urban renewal, The Round revitalization, others). He gets a mountain of work done and makes coming to work fun!  The City of Beaverton is blessed to have Randy on the team!”

Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard, Senior Management Analyst

While I disagree with Randy’s insistence on playing man-to-man defense while coaching his son’s basketball team, I agree with Randy’s passion for local government. How do I know Randy’s passionate about his work? During a ELGL forum in 2011, Randy became emotional in talking about the thrill of passing the annual budget. I’ll never forget how Randy celebrates budget passage on the drive home — he rolls the windows down, cranks the music (probably Nickelback), and pumps his fist. That’s passion, folks and very Knope-worthy.

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