Knopes of the Week: Deborah Long Goldberg, Maggie Parker, Michelle Holder, Rafael Baptista, and Sarah Hazel

Posted on September 26, 2014

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 Perfect. Fantastic. Amazing

Hosting a party for more than 300 local government professionals is no easy task, especially when you haven’t done it before. This challenge didn’t stop Deborah Long Goldberg, Maggie Parker, Michelle Holder, Rafael Baptista, and Sarah Hazel from pulling off the inaugural ELGL & ICMA “Back to the Future” event at the ICMA Conference.

Deborah Long Goldberg


Former Policy Advisor for Fiscal Affairs, Office of the NC Governor

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

Maggie Parker


UNC Chapel Hill – Dual MCRP/MPA student

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Michelle Holder


Town of Carrboro, NC and UNC MPA Student

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

Rafael Baptista

download (3)

UNC MPA Student

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

Sarah Hazel


City of Charlotte, NC

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Our Knopes of the Week dealt with an ever expanding guest list that initially topped out at 225, and then, grew to more than 300 when the event was moved to a bigger ballroom. Our group of volunteers managed the event from check-in to debrief. Each of them exemplifies what ELGL is all about – an organic, all-volunteer movement that relies on members to take leadership roles at various times. Their selflessness resulted in an event that was described as the shining star of what’s to come in professional networking.

Word on the Street

Here’s what attendees had to say about the event.

 “It was a GREAT turnout and I offer a GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who helped create and facilitate such a great event. Kudos to ICMA for partnering with ELGL and to ELGL for stepping up to the plate! We are all stronger through partnerships!”

1937490_678693978882834_3108000232158169250_n“Flux capacitor primed; now awaiting lightening! Ready for ELGL & ICMA “Back to the Future” mixer.”

“It was amazing to see how ELGL has grown into a national program that is making a difference in many lives.”

 “ELGL has captured the attention of our emerging professionals and seasoned professionals alike!  The event was an awesome opportunity to network and meet professionals from across the nation.  One thing we all have in common…after a long day (yes those happen at conferences too!) there is nothing better than a good beer!”

“Perfect mix of students and professionals who were there.”

“Good beer. GREAT conversations! Thanks ICMA & ELGL for hosting.”

“Thank for the prize and for a great event! “

“ICMA & ELGL Rock! Great event tonight!”

“What a great event! Really enjoying meeting new managers and students!”

“I wanted to thank everyone for your ideas, time, and energy to make the mixer a fantastic event. I heard lots of great comments throughout the conference.”


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