Launch of Muslim Americans in Public Service

Posted on April 14, 2021

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ELGL is sharing this press release for our friends at MAPS and in the coming weeks, will be working with MAPS to build out resources and connections for local government employees.


Washington, D.C., April 11th, 2021 — Representatives of Muslim Federal employee staff associations, with hundreds of members between them, have convened over the past year to launch a national umbrella of Muslim public servants and their allies with the aim of empowering its members to catalyze institutional footprints across government, provide professional growth tools and resources, and cultivate the next generation of Muslim American public service leaders.

Their non-profit, non-partisan initiative, called Muslim Americans in Public Service (MAPS), is guided by a distinguished group of advisors across all branches of government as well as the non-profit and private sectors.

It endeavors to support the career, workplace, and community development of Muslim American public servants and serve as a resource for the associations that represent or support them.

Muslim Americans have served their communities and country for generations. And as this valuable yet vulnerable community grows, so too has its representation across all levels and branches of government. Muslims have served as U.S. Ambassadors and Special Envoys, Advisors to Presidents, Cabinet Secretaries and Agency Administrators, as experts and managers throughout the Federal interagency and Statehouses, as State and District Judges, as staffers within the U.S. Congress and their State and local legislatures, and all other manner of public servants and officials.

Formal efforts to support conducive work environments for Muslim American public servants have built substantial momentum across many agencies and departments of government; a legacy which MAPS aspires to build upon in the coming years.

MAPS believes that the greatest strength of the Muslim American community of public servants lies within in its capacity to deploy and share resources in support of its members. Therefore, MAPS seeks to be as open and collaborative as possible, with a focus on both supporting the diverse needs of Muslim public servants and building new bridges to communities of all faiths and creeds. All are welcome, and there are entry points for just about everyone:

  • Individuals who support the mission and values of this organization can join as members (Free of cost!);
  • Senior professionals are invited to contribute their expertise as career mentors;
  • Subject matter experts are encouraged to share knowledge as speakers;
  • Community organizers may participate as Board or Committee members or start a chapter at their agency, and;
  • Distinguished Luminaries may apply for a seat on our Advisory Council.

With decades of public service experience between them, the MAPS team believes that together, the Muslim American community and its allies can build and expand opportunities to successful public service and help create a more just, equitable, and perfect Union for all Americans.

To join and support this initiative, visit


CONTACT INFORMATION:  Jasmine El-Gamal, Communications & Advocacy Director, Muslim Americans in Public Service (

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