Leadership Case Responses: Heather Kauer & Lee Worsley

Posted on December 10, 2014

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ELGL is partnering with ICMA  to examine and think about a local government leadership case study.  We asked our members to review this case about the “post heroic leader,” and then share your ideas.

Here are responses from Heather Kauer, the Senior Planner for the Town of Chestermere, Alberta; and Lee Worsley, the Deputy County Manager for Durham County, NC.


heatherHeather Kauer

Heather’s Response:  

“Introverts can be leaders too! I listen pretty religiously to the Manager Tools podcasts and one of their tenets is that real leadership happens with relationships, not role power.

So first this Parks manager needs to create relationships with the water resource folks and engineers within the organization.

Next, he needs to figure out the most cost-effective way to conserve / reuse water. This is where his relationships with the water resource folks and engineers will come in handy.

He can take a group to lunch to brainstorm about the latest technologies around reuse. (Food is always a good way to get people on your side.)

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LeeLee Worsley

Lee’s Response:  

“I think there are great opportunities for leadership. A person’s personality (introvert or extrovert) does not automatically determine leadership capability.

I am a firm believer that people can lead from anywhere. Use the strengths that you posses and build on that talent to make a difference.

I am an introvert as well and use that to my advantage. During my career, people view my as a quiet, but strong leader. When I speak, I have thought deeply about what I want to say and I am strategic about when I give input.

This allows me to listen a lot and hear ideas from others. In the example below, I would bet that the employee could be very effective engaging other important stakeholders, developing a great plan and then taking it to the department head.

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