Lightning Round with Jazzmin Reece, Reece Consulting

Posted on December 3, 2012

Jazzmin Reece 

Principal and Owner
Reece Consulting, LLC.

Part of your work day that you look forward to the most.

Morning salutations and current event run down before we dive into the day.

What elected office do you think can make the biggest impact?


Two solutions for fixing governments problems.

An engaged voting public, and a fearless civic minded public.

What’s on your iPod’s “Recently Played” list?

Halloween music from my department’s harvest festival last month.

Favorite holiday gift you’ve received:

The Macbook Pro and case

Your biggest regret so far:

Walking away from a fitness routine…

Favorite book:

Excited to finally read the Hunger Games

Give us recommendations for future ELGL speakers:

  • Ron Sims
  • Sen. Jackie Winter
  • Rep. Bev Johnson
  • Commissioner Roy Rogers
  • Former Mayor Rob Drake
  • Richard Brandman (formerly CRC, Metro and Streetcar project)
  • Gov Chris Gregoire
  • Sen Patty Murray
  • Lynn Peterson
  • or the staffers of any of the current or former electeds listed

Should government be run like a business?

Why not in terms of accounting controls? Probably not in terms of high risk revenue investments.

Where will you be in five years?

The Portland Metro area.

Three items on your bucket list:

  • Weatherize my home
  • Update my assess on all of my accounts and memberships
  • Start training for something!

Three items on your career bucket list:

  • Diversify my mentor relationships
  • Update my career path
  • Take more risks

Favorite concert:

Blackeyed Peas and NERD


Three things that will be said about you at your retirement party:

  • One tough chick who knew how to make things happen… and you can always rely on.
  •  “I was always intimidated, until I got to know her… She is super serious on the outside…”
  • She always remembered the personal details of an interaction.

 (Fill in the blank) ELGL is…..

A brilliant engaging group of young emerging professionals working for or passionate about governance and public service careers.

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