Lightning Round with Michelle Bixler, Willamalane Park and Rec District

Posted on October 29, 2012

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Michelle Bixler


Resource Development Coordinator

Willamalane Park and Recreation District


Favorite book of all-time:

I really loved The Great Gatsby and Jane Eyre in high school, and in fact, those are the only two books I have read more than once.

Book that is on your nightstand right now:

Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want. It is a must read for all women (and men for that matter)!

(Fill in the blank) When you wake up in the morning, you are motivated by………

NPR – I love news and research and the stories they tell. Is that nerdy?

If you ran for elected office, what position would you run for?

I would be hard-pressed to run for any elected position.

Your best piece of career advice:

  • Be confident and curious; and
  • Stay positive.

Your favorite social media outlet:

I love LinkedIn for professional purposes, but I could never give up photos on Facebook!

Which actor/actress would play you in a movie?

Tina Fey

What is the home page on your web browser?

iGoogle – I hear it’s going away though, so I’m open to suggestions.

Biggest issues facing local government:

Citizen apathy and budget issues

Two things that people will say about you at your retirement party:

  • How is she able to retire at 40?
  • She won the lottery!

First concert that you ever attended:

Stevie Nicks – my mom is a HUGE fan.


Name three of your mentors:

  • Jackie Lansdale – a former boss who is a strong and intelligent leader that doesn’t get flustered
  • Nell Caraway – same as above, but who is above all else, a kind person
  • Leslie Knope – I love her passion. Minus her heading into the political arena, she’s my hero.

Who is at the dinner table if you could invite any three people (dead or alive)?

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Henry Miller
  • Charles Darwin

(Fill in the blank) Government….

Primarily made up of people who want to serve the public good. Dear public, please remember that.

(Fill in the blank) ELGL is ……..

Stimulating, informative and better than chocolate cake!


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