What Advice Do Local Government Leaders Have for Making It Through Tough Times?

Posted on September 15, 2021

local gov leaders share advice for tough times

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The last year and a half has been quite the challenge, to say the least. But local government leaders are no strangers to persevering through hard circumstances. That high level of persistence is needed for communities to thrive. So what advice is there for making it through tough times? Local government leaders from around the US share a little wisdom.

Advice for Professionals in Tough Times


Katie Nelson“Make sure you have a network around you — to lean on, to learn from, and ultimately, to grow out of the pandemics and other crises together. This is a team effort, taking care of our communities. We are all better together.” -Katie Nelson, Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator, Mountain View, California Police Department



Kimberly Richardson“As local government professionals, sometimes we have to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first. It is okay to take a personal timeout in order to bring your best self to this work.” -Kimberly Richardson, Deputy City Manager, Evanston, Illinois



John Manning“Thomas Edison once said something like ‘If there is a better way, find it.’ I say there is a better way, and we will find it. During COVID-19, my team continually hears me say to never give up the opportunity provided by a crisis to make positive and permanent changes.”-John Manning, Assistant City Manager, Branson, Missouri



Steph Bishop“Remain transparent at all times, especially throughout any incident. Remember where you as a leader came from and support your men and women with gratitude and respect. “-Steph Bishop, Public Information Officer, National Wildfire Coordinating Group



Benjamin Effinger“When those dark days hit, I remind myself of my ‘why’ and that helps me trudge the path to creating change in my own backyard. This leads me to intrinsic fulfillment.” -Benjamin Effinger, Operations Chief for Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector



Reina Schwartz“Get as clear as possible on your goal, and be as flexible as possible on how you get there.” -Reina Schwartz, City Manager,  City of Clayton, California



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