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Posted on September 1, 2020

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We know that many of our members are facing the effects of COVID-19 on their jobs – whether it’s a reduction in hours or furlough, or layoffs, the workplace has changed dramatically in 2020.

This year has also taught us that real and meaningful work can be done remotely, which opens up new opportunities and ways to work in public service. And, we’ve all watched the rise of the “gig economy,” where temporary or part time work is now more common. More than one third of Americans participate in the gig economy.

That’s where ELGL’s new Local Government Gig Connector comes in. One of ELGL’s favorite things to do is connect great people.

In this program, we invite our members to submit gig work projects for other members to consider and apply for. This program is open to all of our members – whether you’re a private company or a public agency, if you have short term, limited duration work projects and you want to reach out to the talent and skills of ELGL members, you can submit your project to the Local Government Gig Connector. We’ll share it on our site, on our job board, and via our social media outreach.

ELGL’s role in the Local Government Gig Connector is to be a convener. We will bring together the organizations who have gig projects, and the ELGL members who want to pursue those projects. 

We’ll do this with a two part application. The first application is for organizations. They will submit their project details (including desired knowledge, skills, and abilities, compensation, and deadlines). ELGL will post this information online and promote the gig project to our members. Members can then fill out a short application form which will be passed on to the organization for the continuation of the hiring process. 

We are currently in a pilot phase of this project and are only accepting limited numbers of gigs for the program. Please contact Kirsten if you have a project idea you’d like us to consider during the pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to submit a gig project. How do I do that?

We are currently in the pilot phase of this program. If all goes well, we’ll learn from this first pilot, refine the program, and begin taking new gig project submissions.

I want to apply for the pilot gig project. How do I do that?

It’s easy! Head over ELGLJobs.com and if we have pilot gigs currently, available, they’ll appear at the top of the page. At the due date, we’ll send all applications to the gig project coordinator for their review and next steps. 

Is my local government eligible to submit a gig project?

Please check with the appropriate department(s) about this. This might include HR, procurement, finance, or your leadership/management office. Every local government will have slightly different rules or guidelines for temporary work.

Will my application be kept on file for future gig projects?

Yes, if you select the checkbox for future gig projects, we’ll pass along your initial application to the project coordinator. Please note – you may be required to submit additional information if your initial application doesn’t include what the gig project application asks for.

Am I allowed to apply for gig work as a local government employee?

Please check with the appropriate department(s) about this. This might include HR, procurement, finance, or your leadership/management office. Every local government will have slightly different personnel policies, rules, or guidelines for temporary secondary work.

What types of projects are good fits for the Local Government Gig Connector?

Limited duration or temporary projects requiring the creativity, innovation, and brainpower of ELGL members are good fits for the Local Government Gig Connector. Project ideas include: website or technology implementation and upgrades, writing projects, elevated financial reporting (e.g. a budget in brief type of document), page layout and design, newsletter articles, program analysis, etc. This program does not supplant the need for specialized consultants and should not be used as such.  

What happens after the pilot project is done?

ELGL will review the pilot program and learn from it. We will survey applicants employers for feedback on the process and experience. We will fine tune the program and then potentially open it up for new gig project submissions.

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