Local Government WMBE Connector Program

Posted on August 31, 2020

WMBE Connector Program

ELGL and Power Almanac are working together on a pilot program for 2020-2021 to provide support and resources to women and minority owned business enterprises (WMBE) serving local governments. 

Through this program, qualifying WMBEs serving local governments will receive a one-year  free “Power 15” subscription to the Power Almanac database. The Power 15 subscription includes complete contact information for 15,000 local government officials of the subscriber’s choosing and is valued at $4,500.

Power Almanac has the most comprehensive and accurate list of local government officials in the United States, covering more 21,400 US cities, towns and counties (98% of those with a population of more than 1,000 people).  The database includes 256,000+ decision-makers in 13 senior roles, including the top elected and appointed officials and the heads of 10 critical departments.

Why are ELGL and Power Almanac offering this program? 

Communities are stronger when local governments  – and the suppliers serving them – reflect the demographics of their community members. 

We want to empower and encourage WMBEs to be successful working with local government.  A vital first step is knowing who the decision-makers are and how to get in touch with them, which is precisely what the Power Almanac database is design to do 

This program is open to businesses that are certified WMBE have gross annual revenues of less than $1,000,000, and have taken in less than $500,000 of outside investment (e.g., venture capital, angel investment, private equity, etc.).  To apply for your free Power 15 subscription, complete the simple online application here.

Click here to apply for the WMBE Connector Program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Power Almanac?

Power Almanac’s mission is to make it easy for organizations with the ability to help local governments serve their citizens more efficiently and effectively to reach out and connect with key decision makers at the right local governments. 

You can read about their vision and core values here, and learn how industry leaders (such as Carahsoft, Granicus and CivicPlus) grew their businesses with Power Almanac.

Why is ELGL partnering with Power Almanac?

Power Almanac provides an important connection between local government suppliers and local government leaders. When local government suppliers are well run, responsive, and in tune with the opportunities and  challenges in towns, cities, counties, and districts, their work makes local government stronger.

Simply put, diligent and responsible local government suppliers and their products and services make our communities run better. 

Why are you only offering this opportunity to women and minority-owned businesses?

In our Haverford Award nomination forms we inquire about WMBE status, and have been saddened to see only a few WMBE suppliers nominated over the years.  We know personally of many WMBEs that are doing fabulous work but simply don’t have the scale and resources to be widely noticed. 

This program aims to help rectify that, and is part of our broader effort to reach out to WMBEs to help encourage their growth and success.

From our experience with Diversity Dashboard, we know that local government is stronger and more effective when its employees (and the suppliers that serve local government) reflect the community members they serve.

Questions? Please contact ELGL.

Want to apply for the WMBE Connector Program? Apply here.

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