Matthew Bajor

No. 8

2024 Top Influencers in Local Government

Matthew Bajor

Assistant to the Village Manager | Village of Algonquin, IL | LinkedIn

Matthew Bajor is committed to making local government accessible and inspiring to the next generation of leaders. 

As assistant to the village administrator at the Village of Algonquin, IL, he is instrumental in the organization’s effort to educate and mentor aspiring public servants. Matthew’s achievements include mentorship in the Algonquin two-year intern program and his role in Algonquin’s Ted Spella Leadership School. Through hands-on learning, Matthew encourages innovation and outside-the-box approaches in public service. 

Matthew also served as a key player in improving how the village responds to public disclosure requests and creating a community survey to gauge residents on important issues.

With AI assuming a larger role in public service, Matthew advocates for use in local government by teaching leaders and students globally about AI’s potential to improve public services.

Within the organization, colleagues say Matthew’s energy for public administration makes the work more fun. 

Beyond Algonquin, Matthew is embedded in professional organizations at the local, regional, and national levels — a testament to his interest in public administration and influence among peers. Through his volunteer professional commitment, he aims to improve government transparency, efficiency, and fairness.

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