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Posted on September 8, 2014

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1Meet Creighton Avila!

Creighton is taking on local organizing resonsibilities so ELGL can provide more California-focused topics for webinars, lunch and learn sessions, and blog columns.  Please email Creighton if you’re a Californian looking for new ways to engage with ELGL’s mission of connecting, communicating, and educating about local government.  Today, Creighton provides an introduction:


I’m looking forward to working with other ELGL members and the great professional local government organizations in California to provide content that sparks the interest of local government professionals.

2I was born and raised in Northern California and started my local government career there as a replacement warehouse clerk by morning, transforming to city mailman, in the afternoon. However, my journey into local government took a roundabout path after two summers as a clerk and mailman for the City of Vacaville.

Upon graduation from the University of Southern California, I worked on the reelection campaign for Governor Gray Davis followed by working in the Governor’s Office as a lead advance. These positions allowed me to meet local government professionals from around the state. A common thread shared by all I met was a fundamental enjoyment for the field and the level of responsibility they felt to improve their communities while juggling a wide range of demands (e.g. public interest groups, state government, federal government, etc.).

I found an immense level of respect for all the local government professionals that I met, and I wanted to positively affect people’s lives like them. After the recall of Governor Davis, I decided to go to graduate school and specialize in local government management.

3Like any good Californian would do … I moved to the South. I attended the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In Chapel Hill, I was able to learn from great local government academics and practitioners and more importantly I learned the ways of barbeque.

I stayed in North Carolina after graduation to take an International City/County Management Association Fellowship working for Catawba County. After my fellowship in Catawba County, I worked for Guilford County and the City of Greensboro. At all three locations, I had the opportunity to work with management and boards to help the organizations run more efficiently and effectively through evaluations, performance measurement, and process improvement.

4In the last year, I moved back to California after accepting a position in the Chief Administrative Office in El Dorado County. It is great to be back in California, and I hope to meet many of you soon. Please contact me and tell me what educational content ELGL can provide. Also, contact me if you know where I can get some genuine Southern barbeque in Northern California.



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