Meet Harpreet Hora, GovLove’s Transcription Wizard

Posted on January 6, 2020

Harpreet Hora

Harpreet Hora serves as the Budget Manager for the City of Roswell, Georgia, since 2016. In her capacity as the Budget Manager she plans, directs, and manages the development, of the City’s operating and capital budgets. She is also part of the Data Governance Committee and is involved with efforts to set up a Performance Management program for the city.

Before switching to local government, Harpreet worked in the private sector for more than 7 years. She has found a passion working for local government as it is much more fulfilling and she can see the impact of the collective work of city employees on the community.

Harpreet was introduced to ELGL by her City Administrator and is now the ELGL lead for her city. She enjoys listening to the GovLove podcasts. In her words,

“GovLove brings together local government professionals with different expertise to share their experiences with others. It is such a great platform for learning and I have gotten several ideas to share in my city by listening to these podcasts. GovLove is one of the cool things about ELGL!”

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