Meet the Transformative Water Leadership Cohort: Thu Lam

Posted on May 5, 2022

thu lam

Meet the Transformative Water Leadership Cohort! We’re profiling the local government leaders who were accepted into this cohort to build resilient organizations that are unafraid to try new things, reform and improve business processes, and encourage empathy throughout the organization.

thu lam

Thu Lam

City of Brighton, CO

Utilities Engineering Manager

Connect: LinkedIn

How would you explain your job to someone you just met?

To make sure everyone has water and functioning sewer

What is something you think is cool that most people think is boring?

Underground utilities and what we would be without them

What was your path to local government work?

I was in construction then design for a while. After I got my PE, I decided that it’s time to pursue project management. It is something that I’ve always been passionate about

Where does your to-do list live?

Gmail tasks

What’s a local government topic or trend that you think more people should know about?

Where the water resources are and how water gets from its source to your tap

What question should we have asked you? What is the answer?

What is my favorite productivity/stress relief app? It is OneNote and Clearful

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