Mt. Rushmore with Ashley Reichert, Washington County, WI

Posted on October 9, 2017

It’s Mount Rushmore season for ELGL members. We’re asking for your top four list on a variety of topics.

Ashley Reichert

Washington County, Wisconsin – County Clerk

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

County Departments 

  1. County Clerk’s Office (Where I currently work as the County Clerk – I started my 4 year term in January 2017)
  2. Sheriff’s Department (Where I worked as the Sheriff’s Assistant, prior to being elected as the County Clerk)
  3. Planning and Parks Department (Where I first started with the County)
  4. Administration (I never officially worked in Admin, but had filled in for about a month)
  1. Guacamole & chips
  2. Any kind of fruit
  3. Carrots & Ranch
  4. Taco Dip

Office Pet Peeves

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Lack of innovative ideas or willingness to try new ideas
  3. Not taking responsibility for mistakes
  4. Lack of understanding

Issues Facing Your County

  1. Budget deficits
  2. Turnover of personnel (retirements/onboarding new employees)
  3. Unwillingness to change (this is slowly beginning to change)
  4. Roads (City and County issue)
  1. Christmas
  2. Thanksgiving (it lands on my birthday every five or so years)
  3. Birthdays (Birthdays can be considered a holiday, right? I may go over the top with my kids birthdays…yes, I’m one of those people)
  4. Easter


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