Mt. Rushmore with Barry Reed, Global Communities

Posted on October 5, 2017

It’s Mount Rushmore season for ELGL members. We’re asking for your top four list on a variety of topics.

Barry Reed

Global Communities – Chief of Party

Directs flagship program of USAID DG assistance in Ukraine. Supporting the new decentralization reform and territorial reorganization effort.

Connect: LinkedIn and Twitter

  1. Slovenia
  2. Germany
  3. Georgia (Republic of, not state)
  4. Albania
  1. December
  2. May
  3. October
  4. January
  1. Dr. Who (Time Lords count as a superhero?),
  2. The Atom,
  3. Xena the Warrior Princess,
  4. Howard the Duck (and Aquaman if Dr. Who doesn’t count)
  1. Clemsoning
  2. 99%
  3. Millennial
  4. Big Beer
  1. Baseball
  2. Football (American)
  3. Hockey
  4. Biking


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