So Much Time and So Few Articles…Strike That, Reverse It! ELGL’s Top 10 Articles

Posted on April 30, 2015

Matt Wojnowski (Twitter) has approximately 15 years of local government management experience and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation at the City of Killeen, TX

ELGL’s Top 10 Articles: A Reader’s Guide

When I joined ELGL a few months ago, I wandered the website for initiatives and topics that interested me. I wondered what were the most popular ELGL articles, what are the top 10 viewed articles for the website? In a short two-part series, I share with you ELGL’s top 10 viewed articles with a brief commentary about each article. Part 1 highlights articles #10 to #6 with a bonus article. Upcoming Part 2 will highlight articles #5 to #1.

#10 Sustainability Chat with Portland Mayor Hales and Indianapolis Mayor Ballard

An introduction to both mayors who participated in the Sustainability Chat held last summer in Portland. Mayor Ballard’s leadership helped to develop a more stable, affordable and pro-growth economic environment in Indianapolis. Portland’s Mayor, Charles Hales, studied, instituted, and managed mass transit projects in Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Sacramento, Salt Lake City and Scottsdale. Mr. Len Reed, the moderator for the event, led The Oregonian’s prize-winning environment and natural resource coverage from 1996 to 2009.

#9 “I’ve Never Met Anyone Who Liked Counties”

In this article, Phil Smith-Hanes, CAO of Humboldt County, California helps to describe the origins of cities and counties. When asked what the difference is for working for cities and counties, his stock answer is great, ““cities do things far more efficiently, but counties do far more interesting things.” Phil also shares his two main reasons for why he likes counties.

#8 #13Percent: I’m a 36-Year Old White Male

In January 2015, ELGL started the #13Percent initiative. What’s 13%? That is the percentage of females in women in city manager roles in…1984. The percentage has not changed in over 30 years. This article is ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt about his background of the initiative, call for action, and his answer to “What we can do to help?”

#7 Infowhatnow? How Infographics Can Tell Your City’s Story

This is a short primer on infographics – what they are, some examples, and how they can benefit local government. “Infographics are increasingly important for communicating complex information to an on-the-go audience equipped with the latest mobile devices.” And a list of a few websites that help you generate infographics.

#6 Rest of the Story on the Hillsboro Police Recruitment Video

The Hillsboro, Oregon Police Chief recruitment video went viral in the summer of 2013. The video can be viewed in this article and it talks about the idea behind the creation of the innovative video. Questions and answers with Corinne Bloomfield, Hillsboro Communications and Marketing Manager and actual comments emailed from Hillsboro residents.

*Bonus article* The Monthly Development with Pat Mobley

Published in August 2012, this was ELGL’s first article (versus post). It was the first installment of a monthly series on municipal economic development by Pat Mobley, ELGL Advisory Board Member and Portland State University Faculty Member. He shared with us the three most practical concepts you can employ as you develop and implement your economic development plans 1) basic business marketing; 2) business targeting; and 3) culture.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this countdown…coming soon!

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