New ELGL Series: Work Life Balance

Posted on May 29, 2015

ELGL is excited to launch a new blog series, survey and webinar on work life balance.  Led by Ben McCready and Frieda Edgette, this series aims to address that age-old challenging of balancing professional work with a personal life.  To begin this series, please take a short survey to share your ideas on this topic.

Seeking balance and feeling its absence affect us all. Although our roles, backgrounds and responsibilities vary, we are united by the shared challenge of living life to the fullest with finite time – and always more to do. As government leaders, our well-being impacts our ability to make a positive difference in our communities. To dive into this important topic, ELGL is launching a blog series representing multiple perspectives (moms, dads, and ELGLs with no kids), and hosting a webinar to share experiences strategies, and to learn some new tools. To help make the series as useful as possible for you, please complete this simple 10 question survey before June 26. Thank you!
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