A New Era for ELGL: Webinar Library

Posted on March 14, 2014

freeELGL is excited to announce that we have started recording our webinars and they will be available to our members for free! In order to continue providing a high quality service to our members we wanted to make it easier to use our events as a resource. By recording our webinars and making them available to members afterwards no one has to miss the great learning opportunities we provide because of that last minute lunch meeting or because of a sick kid. The best part is that these recordings are a complimentary benefit of ELGL membership.

This feature would not be possible without the partnership of Strategic Government Resources. The Texas-based recruiting firm has generously offered to underwrite the cost of this upgraded webinar service. So thank you SGR!


Leading off: Tumml & Neighbor.ly

For the first entry into our webinar library we have yesterday’s webinar with the innovative firms Tumml and Neighbor.ly. These two companies are creating new ways for local groups or companies to fund projects and ideas related to improving communities. A nonprofit, Tumml’s goal is to support the next generation of Zipcars and Revolution Foods.  Neighbor.ly’s mission is to connect communities with new funding sources, companies with new earned media opportunities, and citizens with the community projects they care about.


Their webinar even earned Tumml President Julie Lein and Neighbor.ly CEO Jase Wilson Knope of the Week honors.

Check out their informative webinar here:

Solving Local Government Problems with the Internet

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